to Debut 1st Scene of 'One Night at the Ready' to Debut 1st Scene of 'One Night at the Ready'

SAN FRANCISCO — The first scene from the Chi Chi LaRue-directed video “One Night at the Ready” makes its debut tomorrow on

The first scene from the new release features fan favorites Michael Delray and Kurtis Wolfe meeting up at the Ready Bar and heading off to the bathroom to have some fun.

The complete DVD and scene downloads will be released on the Falcon Studios Group Store on Friday, Aug. 25.

In the scene, Delray and Wolfe are old college football buddies who married their college sweethearts. At the Ready Bar, they complain about their wives no longer putting out when Delray sets down his drink and heads to the bathroom, where Wolfe joins him.

“The Ready Bar is a place with stories to tell,” LaRue said. “It's a watering hole where locals and strangers come together to ... well ... cum together.

“The debut scene with Michael and Kurtis sets the stage for the rest of the film where friends and strangers alike can go to get a drink and a blowjob or a beer and a fuck,” LaRue said is available for promotion through the Buddy Profits affiliate program. Affiliates can choose between $35 pay-per-signup or 50 percent revshare for all memberships they refer, including trials. Affiliates are encouraged to visit for promotional material.

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