Forbes Profiles Greg Lansky

Forbes Profiles Greg Lansky

LOS ANGELES — Forbes contributor Susannah Breslin profiled multi XBIZ Award-winning director Greg Lansky in an article titled "How One Pornographer Is Trying to Elevate Porn to Art."

Breslin examines how Lansky's trifecta of sites —, and — have elevated adult movies to an art form, through their use of high-end visuals, slick camerawork, star-studded casts and marketing savvy. 

Delving into his teenage fascination with adult movies, Lansky remarked, "It was this aspect of society that everyone loves and worships in private, but in public it has a lot of shame. I love the paradox of it. People were absolutely obsessed with it in private and in public no one would talk about it."

Spanning his earliest forays into adult entertainment to his time at Reality Kings and beyond, the interview traces how Lansky eventually aspired to transcend the tried-and-true marketing dynamics of quantity over quality. Zeroing in on a niche audience willing to pay for premium adult movies, Lansky defied the odds and succeeded where others had not dared.

"If I was able to appeal to a small percentage of these guys, and women, and couples that actually enjoy quality entertainment, I could get that market," he said. "The passionate customers. Everyone was telling me this was the worst idea ever, because of piracy and tube sites, and you had to create a product that was cheap, cheap, cheap. I created a product that was extremely expensive by adult standards and that would appeal to some." 

To read the article in its entirety, which also discusses his commitment to showcasing "porn stars" as "performance artists," click here.