Pipedream Products Featured on Playboy TV's 'Toy Ride'

Pipedream Products Featured on Playboy TV's 'Toy Ride'

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Pipedream Products received a visit from the hosts of Playboy TV’s “Toy Ride.”

In the episode, which first aired June 26, the two hosts spent the day at Pipedream’s manufacturing facility and showroom to learn about a multitude of products from the manufacturer.

The half hour segment kicked off when the hosts, Nikki and Daniel, were greeted by Sunny Rodgers, the resident certified clinical sexologist at Pipedream Products. Rodgers walked them through Pipedream’s on-site 125,000 square foot manufacturing facilities where Pipedream produces 60,000 units a week of the best-selling King C*ck line, among other items. The hosts were “both impressed and overwhelmed by the amount of pleasure that comes from this place.”

Afterwards, the tour continued with a review of Pipedream’s extensive showroom full of products, including Fu*k Me Silly dolls, Jimmyjane and Sir Richard’s products and Pipedream’s custom filling facilities. Rodgers gave the hosts a few products to take home. 

The premise of “Toy Ride” is to give viewers a background on the latest toys and where they come from, as well as document one couple’s experience with those products, a representative indicated.

Nikki and Daniel went home with Jimmyjane’s Ascend 7, Pipedream’s International Rockin’ Chair and King C*ck, as well as a Sir Richard’s Element MS. The items were all used by the couple and their friends throughout the remainder of the episode.

“We built this facility to have complete control over our products, close to home, so that we can better service our customers and clients,” stated Nick Orlandino, CEO and chairman of Pipedream Products. “That being said, it is always fun to host the end consumer, see their reaction to the facilities, and show them what goes into making these great products.”

The episode is listed as “Season 1, Episode 10” of “Toy Ride” on Playboy Listings. To watch the episode online, visit Playboy.tv.