British Soldiers Handed xHamster fifis

British Soldiers Handed xHamster fifis

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — After last year’s successful distribution of 100 fifi male masturbators to U.S. troops stationed overseas, Whizworx LLC recently shipped some xHamster fifis to British Army soldiers stationed in Estonia.

“They’re working hard to serve their country and they deserve something fun,” Whizworx CEO David Bramo said. “The soldier who contacted us said they have nothing to do in their down time when they get bored.

“We were happy to show our gratitude to our own troops last year, and when we heard from that soldier, we knew that fifi could help them ease the stress while they’re far away from home.”

The donated units are all xHamster-branded in collaboration with the famous internet porn site. The fifi — a discreet, no-mess sex toy for men —  resembles a small cushion.

“Male service members will be able to enjoy the best male masturbator for the guy who wants something discreet, simple, and no-maintenance,” Bramo said. “These guys are on a military base and they don’t want to worry about cleaning out a sex toy. When they use a fifi, all they have to do is throw out the disposable sleeve after use.”

Recently, Whizworx also donated fifis to Sexy Liberation, an organization that sends free or steeply discounted sex toys to people who are less fortunate, curious or both.

Bramo pointed to scientific studies that show the “stress-reducing, mood-improving, immunity-boosting benefits of orgasms.”

“We’re proud to donate fifis that can make for happier soldiers who are less likely to get sick,” he said.

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