JOPEN Debuts High-Powered, Rechargeable Opal

JOPEN Debuts High-Powered, Rechargeable Opal

LOS ANGELES — JOPEN has added the high-powered and rechargeable Opal wand to its collection.

Opal is beautiful on the outside, but its inside is also impressive, according to Susan Colvin, founder and CEO of JOPEN.

“The pleasure product boasts 10 functions of intense vibration, which resonate throughout the glass shaft,” Colvin said. “Only the highest technology was used when designing Opal; it features a memory chip that resumes on the last function used, and is USB rechargeable, providing extreme power and reliability.

“Glass has always been popular due to its versatility and hygienic properties. The only complaint consumers have is that glass doesn’t produce enough power because it runs on a small bullet vibrator. My team and I knew we could solve this problem, which is how Opal was born. We took glass and added a silicone controller which allowed us to power the product with a rechargeable motor. This gave us the best of both worlds. Opal’s patent pending design is truly one-of-a-kind!”

Robin Stewart, brand manager at JOPEN, said, “Opal is a fantastic product, and when I do in-store training I find that employees always want to know more. This is where our extended support comes in. JOPEN offers an extensive range of tools to help retailers sell our products. I encourage everyone to visit our website, or contact me directly for more information.”

JOPEN support includes videos, extensive data, training and more. JOPEN’s videos offer two types of information; one is a how-to video which provides detailed information on the item and how it operates, while the other is more consumer-centric, with tips and tricks on how to use the item. All videos can be found on the company’s website, YouTube channel and dedicated video platform.

JOPEN also offers detailed data, including product specifications, SEO enriched copy and more. All of this information can be downloaded from the company website once a user is logged in.

Staff training is also an essential support feature for JOPEN. The company’s online education tool, the CalExotics Institute, provides courses designed to teach industry professionals everything they need to know about a particular collection or product. The newest course is centered on Opal and gives users an in-depth look at the two styles.

As a bonus, the CalExotics Institute gives users the ability to win a free product or gift card. Winning is easy; simply complete a course and enter the drawing by completing the form. Prizes are awarded monthly.

For more information on Opal, and to gain access to all of JOPEN’s resources, visit