Studio 20 Presents: 46 Cam Girl Must-Haves

CYBERSPACE — In an effort to share some knowledge and have some fun, the girls from Studio 20 have released their 46 cam girl must-haves.

“We’ve thought about it and we’ve come up with 46 thing every cam girl should have in her room,“ a representative enthused. “ Here we go!“

The list is as follows:

1. Fur Coat 

  • Why a fur coat? Because some of your members have a fur fetish or it’s one of their fantasies. A sexy girl in a sexy lingerie covered in a big fur coat ... mmmm, that should keep him hard for hours. P.S. We recommend artificial fur, because we love animals.

2. Beaded Lingerie

  • A.K.A. "Pearl Panties.“ They are a luxurious sex toy-slash-lingerie that was introduced to the mainstream when it was featured in “Sex and the City.“ They look great and they feel even greater. If you don't believe us, just try dancing in one of those. We dare you, we double dare you. Then give us a call and tell us how it was!

3. Rope

  • Sometimes you may encounter a member with more "Japanese tastes" like ... shibari perhaps. This is a form of erotic art that you need to try at least once in your life time. It's awesome when you have a play partner or a rope bunny, but if you are all alone in the room and your member wants some rope action, juts ask him to show you what to do and enjoy the play. I recommend pink or red rope (trust me on this one).

4. Napkins

  • Needless to say, you will need napkins to wipe your body fluids. Or makeup (?), yes, believe it or not, some members will ask you to wipe your face with a wet napkin and then put your make up all over again.

5. Condoms

  • Better safe than sorry. Condoms don't need an explanation. You should always have condoms on you. On cam, off cam, on the street, at the grocery, at a party, when you’re going to elect someone for president. Have we made it clear? Wear a condom! Not you ... him ... it. Whatever. Cam people are smart, you get what we’re saying.

6. Cigarettes

  • If you are a smoker, of course. All though it's a bad habit, some of the members an absolutely fascinated by the smoking gesture.

7. Short leather jacket

  • Lather jackets will never grow old or out of fashion. They do the trick for teasing, role play, games, photo-shoots and bike rides.

8. Pin-up Panties

  • Oh lord, have mercy! Guys absolutely love pin-up girls! That classic glam is really hard not to love. Ok, back on the panties area, I think more coverage is sexier because you can really play with their imagination.

9. Dildos/vibra-toys

  • Fun part! First of all, you have to know the difference between the two of them. A dildo is basically something that resembles a penis. It’s sort of a replacement for the penis. A vibrator is just something that vibrates. It could be in a shape of a penis but it doesn’t have to be. Most of the cam models chose to use vibra-toys because they are more fun than dildos.

10. Flogger Whip

  • It's a must to have a whip when you are in the fetish niche, but it's ok to have one even if you are not. You never know when you going to need a whip for a special private show with a very kinky member who was a really bad boy and wants to be punished.

11. Whipped cream/chocolate syrup

  • This is an easy one. Best idea for a pre-shower show. If you are in a room with no shower in it, it is better to have a towel and wet tissues for cleaning the sweet stuff from your body (see why we told you about the wet tissues?) While you are in the creamy show, go as wild as you want and have a lot of fun!

12. Nipple Pasties

  • Because rules are rules (for some, haha), but it really looks sexy. You offer the big picture, but keep the cherry on top for later play. Nipple pasties are a must.

13. Gloves

  • Silk, satin, lace, latex, leather gloves. You name it and wear it. Bonus tip: really sexy when they are the only thing that you wear, in private, of course.

14. Spanking palette

  • This is a more optional than a must. The thing is that you can't spank yourself in the true meaning of the act, but you can have a little fun "spanking" one of your members in a c2c session.

15. A very good playlist

  • Keep your songs up to date. Have more than just one, for every mood. Tease songs, rock songs, old jazz, classical extend your range and tastes.

16. Health

  • One of the most important aspects is your health because it will influence everything. Try to sleep at least six hours a day, eat healthy and don't skip your important meals, go to the gym and try to spend your free time with people that you love. That will boost your spirit and make you perform better.

17. Rings

  • There's no such thing as too many when it comes to rings. The bigger the better. Use them when you want to be a queen or a goddess in one of your roleplays.

18. Nice hair and nails

  • Bad hair days do not apply to a cam model. A little dolling up never hurt anyone and how you look on cam is the way the world will see you.

19. Good general knowledge

  • Remember that awkward silence moment during a date with a hot guy? Yeah... Knowledge can help you fill that silence and develop a good relationship with your members. They love to talk about anything so even if a subject is a little harder, you can always play dumb, say something adorable and then, later on, inform yourself about that subject so you can continue the conversation.

20. Coffee

  • Yes. Coffee is an energy booster and it helps.

21. Fantasies

  • Be open about your fantasies. Talk with the guys when you are online. They love to share their fantasies too. The wilder the better. 

22. Good English

  • Is a mandatory aspect of cam industry and not only. English is the most commonly spoken language in the world. One out of five people can speak or at least understand English. English is spoken as a first language by around 400 million people around the world. #themoreyouknow

23. Fishnets

  • Whether they're body stockings, over-the-knee stockings, tops or bottoms, these cuties are sure to make a statement and to also win you a new member or two for each time you decide to use them.

 24. Blindfolds.

  • Fetish enthusiasts will go crazy if they find this option on the table! Combine them with other fetish-related props such as candles or leather bindings, and tell your members to get ready for the performance of a lifetime!

25. Hair extension, weaves, wigs

  • Having nice looking hair is very important when on camera, but every girl reaches a point where she lacks inspo for new hairstyles. Getting over such a pesky predicament isn't hard at all if you choose to use extensions to lengthen your hair or different wigs for good-to-go hairdos. Short, long, redhead, blonde, brunette or even candy-pink, you will always appear new and different for your members and the best thing: bad hair days will never kill your buzz again!

26. Colored lingerie

  • First item you'll find in the "camgirl starter kit." Diversity is best in every situation so using different colors, apart from the classical black lingerie will be very helpful when creating on cam personas — like red lingerie for your "Little-Red-Ridding-Hood gets spanked by the Big Bad Wolf" act, or white lingerie for, let's say "Snow-White kisses the Prince's head 'til it turns red."

27. Corsets.

  • They come in such a large range of shapes, sizes, and styles that you can't NOT own at least one or two of these babies.

28. Body chains

  • For your inner goddess' sake, you must own body chains! These items are so versatile and easy to wear that they can easily go from on-cam to after-hours and you're guaranteed to dazzle and impress in both situations.

29. Septum

  • Aside from it being a very fashionable accessory, you will find that the septum is also very popular among camgirls. With the right septum, you can easily achieve different looks like the punk girl, rocker girl, the cute Indian chick and also the trashy yet sassy "Tumblr girl."

30. Round earrings

  • Big or small, the round earrings have always been a fashion DO! Choose them oversized and thick for the sexy Latina look you members adore. Pair them up with a little "Despacito" in your playlist and let them tips flow freely!

31. Bodysuits

  • The bodysuit will always be an outfit saver if you have more than one. They're very easy to combine with bottom items and cute mood setters if you decide upon more flowery  

32. Leather harness

  • A little tip: you can never own just one! You can go full throttle with this item because it looks delicious whether you wear it directly on your skin on cam or over a fancy shirt at a rave party. Say YES to HARNESS!

33. Red lipstick

  • You can wear it instead of clothes... or warpaint. Either way, it will help you win, win, win!

34. Roleplay clothes

  • Perfect for private sessions. You'll make your members feel spoiled, horny and eager to tip your performance highly! They also work pretty well in free chat too!

35. Over the knee boots

  • Why over-the-knee? Because the thigh's the limit, baby!

36. Latex/Catsuits

  • You can't go wrong with latex clothing. You just can't!

37. Handcuffs

  • Plain or furry, handcuffs will never disappear from a man's fantasy list. It's like second thing you'll find in you cam girl starter kit.

38. Glitter

  • For that extra shot of sparkle that puts you in front of your competition and maybe win you a nice little award. Why not? We've seen it happen before wink-wink.

39. Little black dress

  • A womanly must-have even if you're not a camgirl. Still, it really comes in handy when you want to achieve an on cam polished, glamorous look without having to undress.

40 - Steampunk heels

  • Because FETISH, that's why!

41. Masks

  • It's easier to take advice on sexual conduct from a masked person. It will come very in handy with a member that has trust issues combined with a dirty imagination.

42. Lube

  • Trust us! You WILL need lube!

43. Glasses

  • Men always dreamed of being seduced by their teacher when they were little boys, by their secretaries when they grew into adults. These little darlings will help you bring your members' fantasies to life, which will rank you even higher in the popularity chain.

44. Black eyeshadow

  • For that unforgettable cat-eye look that has broken many hearts since Cleopatra's time.

45. Body oil

  • It will give you that luscious, tantalizing, precious look your members love and also comes very in handy if you forget to buy lube.

46. Candles

  • Perfect for setting the mood or putting you in the right light. Also perfect for fetishes when the wax is gently poured on one's bosom!

To share an idea on cam girl must haves, use the following hashtag on Twitter, #girlsfromstudio20.