Entrenue Starts Shipping Womanizer Elegant 2Go, +Size

Entrenue Starts Shipping Womanizer Elegant 2Go, +Size

PHOENIX — Boutique distributor Entrenue said today that it is now shipping the Womanizer 2GO and +Size — two new products from Epi24, the company that manufactures the Womanizer collection.

Womanizer 2GO offers a more travel-friendly version, while +Size provides a slender, more maneuverable shape. Both designs use Pleasure Air Technology pulsation for clitoral stimulation.

The lipstick-shaped Womanizer 2GO is USB rechargeable, waterproof, and comes supported with a satin storage bag and two-year warranty. The shape is available in black/gold, white/gold, and mint/pink.

The sleek Womanizer +Size is white and black with gold accents and comes with two sizes of silicone heads, a satin storage bag, USB charge cable and a two-year warranty.

Entrenue CEOwner Joe Casella said the Womanizer has been one of the company’s strongest brands and continues to offer customers shapes and designs that shoppers desire.

 “The Womanizer 2GO and +Size take Womanizer’s already-successful formula and add form and some sophisticated flair that looks amazing and, from what I’m told, feels incredible,” Casella said.

“Womanizer +Size packs the same rechargeable power and function as the original shape but with a longer, more ergonomically flexible handle that makes pleasure more accessible to more users, along with 12 air-pulsation functions,” he said.

Casella said that both models have displays and tester units available with minimum purchase. Posters also will be available upon request.

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