Will Ryder's 'Bad Babes Inc.' Set for Sept. 6 Release

Will Ryder's 'Bad Babes Inc.' Set for Sept. 6 Release

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. —  "I'll never do another porn parody," announced adult movie director Will Ryder as he looked at a rough cut of his latest original feature movie "Bad Babes Inc." for Adam & Eve Pictures. It was not easy to determine if this was the end of an era, but early word from Adam & Eve Pictures is that the blockbuster comedy set for release Sept. 6, is "one of the most enjoyable adult movies ever."

"We're blown away by what we've seen so far," stated Rachel Vigneaux, creative director of Adam & Eve Pictures. "It's such a fantastic story with really notable women and men and nicely timed comedic acting. Will is a master storyteller and he wrote a very funny script."

In fact, company executives based in North Carolina were so impressed with the rough cut they decided to turn the project into a two-disc collectors set when the movie gets released on DVD.  The movie will also be available online at the company's website.

The last time Adam & Eve hired Ryder to direct an original feature movie the result was "Love, Sex & TV News." Ryder is thinking even bigger this year as in "movie-of-the-year big as long as voters don't get seduced by adult flicks filled with special effects but little story."

"I'm into telling an enjoyable story, otherwise I wouldn't be that interested in making adult movies," Ryder stated from his downtown L.A. office.   

Katie Morgan stars as a stay-at-home mom blindsided by a divorce request from her womanizing husband (Ryan Ryder) but all hell breaks loose when the mediator decreed her with her husband's most prized possession. What she does with it leads to "a twisting and often hilarious adventure." 

"We couldn't have asked for a better cast and Will and Scott David (co-producer) bring these characters to life," Vigneaux offered. "I think Will wrote a beautiful, funny screenplay with heart and the look of the picture is incredible."

Ryder said, "We shot with three fantastic new fangled cameras with a lot of doohickeys, bells and whistles and approached this project in a cinematic television way."

A huge cast of 22 actors and "a mammoth 13 person on-site crew" make this "the largest ensemble ever produced by Ryder and David," according to a spokesperson. In addition to Morgan and Ryder, the cast includes Adriana Chechik, Kat Dior, Tiffany Watson, Sunny Lane, Sarah Vandella, Luna Star, Kimberly Chi, Zelda Morrison, Loni Legend, Whitney Wright, Tanner Mayes, Seth Gamble, Chris Strokes, Alec Knight, Moe Johnson, Eric John, Jeremy Steele, Mark Kernes, James Bartholet and Frank Bukkwyd.  

"This was quite a large gathering of people and it was not easy keeping everybody fed, entertained and on the same page," joked Scott David.

A preview trailer for "Bad Babes Inc." will be unveiled in a few weeks.