Screaming O Offering Mesh, Full-color Window Signage

Screaming O Offering Mesh, Full-color Window Signage

LOS ANGELES — Screaming O has introduced a new full-color glass decal made of see-through mesh material.

According to a representative, the translucent signs cover any glass surface with a bold graphic visible from the exterior. The company explains the new window mesh has become a popular part of Screaming O’s Custom Graphics Program, which offers customers free custom-designed store graphics to create a bright shopping environment while supporting sales of the award-winning brand. 

"We asked Screaming O to put together colorful mesh signage for the front door and front window of our new store and had it ready in time for our grand opening, which made it feel extra special," said Jorge Mendoza, owner of Los Angeles-based adult shop Amor Lingerie. "The bright pops of color and high-impact branding makes a strong impression before shoppers even enter the store and we loved working with Screaming O and their graphics department to create something that would look great from every angle."

Manuela Narvaez, store manager at Miami-based adult store Playthings, added, “We like to keep a bright and positive vibe in our store, from our signs and displays to the attitude of our staff. The front window images that Screaming O designed for us really fit with Playthings' look and feel we love how it perfectly shades the Miami sun without completely blacking out the windows. This is such a smart idea and we'd like to thank Screaming O for the opportunity to bring it into our shop."

The team behind Screaming O says they can also translate almost any language — with customer's help — to enhance window mesh graphic with an eye-catching slogan that falls in line with the store’s message.

"Naughty But Nice has an especially colorful exterior, so we knew window mesh along our front windows would be a perfect fit," said Tye Constable, owner of Australian adult store Naughty But Nice. "Screaming O's art team has a real eye for this kind of stuff and chose some custom images that look perfect where they were installed and fit seamlessly into our store's color palette. I can't recommend this graphics service enough — it makes it even more valuable to do business with Screaming O." 

For most effective results, Screaming O strongly recommends professional installation of all window decals to prevent damage, wrinkling or bubbling. Any exterior graphics can be made available laminated to ensure water-resistance.

“Our window mesh has to be one of the coolest graphics options we offer customers and it has been so fun to see how creative stores have been with their signage ideas,” said Screaming O account executive Dan Holman. “Because the unique material allows light to shine through, many of our customers have had their entire front windows and entrance decaled with colorful graphics that attract a ton of attention. Essentially any glass surface can be given a makeover with our window mesh, and the bigger the surface area, the better the impact — something our customers have taken to heart.” 

To order, contact Screaming O’s customer service, send photos and dimensions of the area(s) in and include creative concepts. Screaming O requires at least 30 days notice. For more information, contact Dan at