Eropartner Offers Tenga Flex

Eropartner Offers Tenga Flex

ZWAAGDIJK, The Netherlands — Eropartner Distribution has announced its offering of the new Tenga Flex, the latest innovation in reusable pleasure for men.

According to the company, the Tenga Flex is a new sleeve-type masturbator with an external case and a separate internal sleeve that can be removed for washing and drying. The item’s cap also functions as a drying stand for hygiene.

“Unique to the Tenga Flex is its outer casing, made of a new malleable material that holds its form, but is still soft and flexible,” says a company rep. “This allows for both direct control of stimulation by pressing and squeezing, but also adds a spiraling movement that is all-new.”

Covering the air hole at the end of the device during use creates an internal vacuum, resulting in a twisting motion when the item moves.

The Tenga Flex is available in two versions: Silky White and Rocky Black, each of which features different internal details and material strengths.

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