Screwbox Debuts 'Stormtroopers'

Screwbox Debuts 'Stormtroopers'

HOLLYWOOD — Screwbox has announced the release of its latest fantasy-driven title, “Stormtroopers.”

According to the company, from beginning to end, members will be entertained and turned on by the latest Screwbox movie.

“Four Stormtroopers find a curious object in the water and can’t decide whether to press play on the device. Jedi Violet Starr gets her sword fighting training that includes highly choreographed moves and aerial jumps with Michael Vegas. After that’s over, Violet gets her final Jedi training from Michael, but this time from a different sword.

“We love to give members the fantasy that they’re there on set, and Stormtroopers definitely delivers,” says Screwbox Owner and Creative Director Jakodema, explaining how “Michael and Violet worked hard training for the sword fighting and aerial stunts.”

Jakodema says as a result, the title looks more like a mainstream movie than an adult one.

“Members will be delighted and turned on,” Jakodema adds, “a winning combo that keeps them coming back for more!”

The Screwbox Father’s Day Sale has been extended through Sunday, June 25, with the one-year VIP Plan providing the best deal including the added perk of Cinematic 360 VR, a “mind-blowing technology” that will be available for free to existing VIP members.

Fans that join here will have their discounted price locked in for the life of their membership.