Evil Angel Launches Blackmailed.com Venture

Evil Angel Launches Blackmailed.com Venture

LOS ANGELES — Evil Angel has announced the launch of Blackmailed.com, heralded as the first XXX brand dedicated to "domination by outrageous coercion." The Blackmailed.com membership site goes live this August, and the brand’s premiere movie, “Blackmailed Tenants,” debuts July 5 on DVD and VOD. A promotional trailer is now available at Blackmailed.com, with more content to be unveiled on social media.

Revealing the master plan behind Blackmailed.com, Evil Angel CFO Adam Grayson told XBIZ, "The key driver was that this Blackmailed content, which has been part of Evil Angel for the past 18 months, didn't really fit that well into what 'Evil Angel' meant to our core audience. It was killing it on a lot of platforms, but ironically the place where it seemed to resonate the least was on EvilAngel.com.

"So for the first time ever, we decided to carve out a fresh brand that was distinct from our core offer," he shared. "The content is different from the Mike Adriano/Jay Sin fare that we're best known for. There's much more emphasis on story development and production value, and while it still has the hard sex we're known for, the penetration isn't necessarily the star of the scene."

According to the company, consumers intrigued by the menacing conquest of vulnerable damsels by creepy sexual predators have made blackmail content the fashionable niche in the porn marketplace, and Blackmailed.com is designed to reach these consumers. Spearheading the Blackmailed.com project is veteran producer Kevin Moore, who created the original concept and is attached as creative director, while Evil Angel founder John Stagliano is executive producer. Moore is currently helming production, creating state-of-the-art “extortion erotica.”

“Consumers increasingly are seeking content that is more involved and has higher production values," Moore explained. "Blackmailed.com is designed from the ground up to achieve just that, not only with content but also a rich user experience."

Elaborating on the strategy and vision behind Blackmailed.com, Evil Angel vice president Chris Gentile told XBIZ, "We're constantly looking at our clicks, the total time a consumer spends watching a scene and keeping an eye on talent that has additional influence among our fanbase. The Blackmailed brand is considerably different from the content produced by Evil Angel directors. The line is a bit more mainstream, with a strong narrative focus that is not always present in our usual offerings.

"We believed in the concept but knew it was never going to reach its full potential if it was just another line on EvilAngel.com," he continued. "Kevin Moore originated the concept, and is attached as creative director. As the brand grows, we may consider adding additional guest directors."

Touting the quality and value Blackmailed.com consumers can expect, Gentile elaborated, “Kevin is putting A-list talent in dramatic, powerfully charged vignettes. The scenes are narrative-based, with provocative dialogue and acting. Sexual acts are motivated by depraved situations with potentially humiliating consequences. People like seeing nasty things happen to people that leave themselves exposed to lewd indiscretions.”

The new brand is launching with fan-friendly promotions. Blackmail aficionados can check out "lots of unscrupulous creeps, faithless sluts and risqué business" in the trailer at Blackmailed.com. Scene trailer sneak peaks and photo galleries can be viewed via Twitter, and the brand can also be followed on Instagram. Coming soon, Twitter followers will get free scenes — these surprise releases will be available to anyone signing up for the Blackmailed.com email list, for which fans can simply go to the site and enter their email. According to Gentile, “These are real, full scenes, no BS, no credit card, seriously free.”

Moore is enthused about his brand’s virgin video, “Blackmailed Tenants,” wherein crude, cruel landlords get their pound of flesh by pounding the flesh of indebted renters. Faced with a choice of erection or eviction, "hot but irresponsible girls" learn all about compromised positions. Starlets Charity Crawford, Lily Jordan, Lily Adams, Christiana Cinn and cover girl Moka Mora curse out perverted blackmailers "but succumb, angrily and fearfully, to naked extortion." Overruling each girl’s "begging, disgusted objection," a blackmailer jerks jism onto her bewildered face.

Commented Moore, “‘Blackmailed Tenants’ capitalizes on a popular genre, but also adds in better story-driven vignettes to increase that suspension of disbelief that consumers very much want out of adult content.”

Blackmailed.com is the new home for "coercive sex with all its penetrating ramifications" where "fans are the only ones not subject to extortion!"