212 Arts Opens Exhibit, Online Sale of Kira Lee's Artwork

212 Arts Opens Exhibit, Online Sale of Kira Lee's Artwork

LOS ANGELES — 2017 XBIZ Crossover Star of the Year Dani Daniels (Kira Lee) proves her continued mainstream success in a triumphant return to 212 Arts for her new exhibit "Cartoons and Characters — A Small Canvas Show," with her signature typographic pointillism works simultaneously available for purchase at 212Arts.com/Kira-Lee.  

"We had an overwhelming number of requests for Kira's artwork from people who could not make the show so we decided to offer the work online simultaneously as the show is going on," said Marc Leader, owner and curator of 212 Arts. "The site barely was online for a few hours and already four pieces have sold in advance of the opening tonight."

Lee said, "The ability for my fans, who aren't in NYC, to see my work was very important to me. This will give them an opportunity to view my latest work and purchase any that they like."

The paintings are all 12" x 12" and are priced at $550 per piece. The cartoons are all created with some of the characters' most famous lines and feature images from "Archer," "Adventure Time," "Looney Tunes," "Futurama," "Rick and Morty," Jessica Rabbit and many others.  

"Lee is better known as adult film star Dani Daniels with a massive international following," a spokesperson said. "She burst onto the art scene last year with her first show in NYC and has since shown at Art Basel, Smile Design Gallery and ACA Gallery to great success. Kira Lee has created a new form of pointillism using lyrics and words to form the portraits of iconic people, characters and scenes.  

"Kira loved the idea of creating iconography using connected typography," they continued. "Using theories to outline horn-rimmed glasses. Song lyrics twisted and turned into locks of hair. Heart-aching poems carved into crow’s feet. Culture-defining philosophies stitched into a silk robe. Gathering these beautiful writings and celebrating them collectively with something as dynamic as the artist's portrait. The results are breathtaking pieces that draw your attention and keep your gaze as time passes."

Lee concluded, "I wanted to do a fun show that offers pieces at an affordable price for fans of my art. I am really happy with the results. The pieces are fun and give a nice introduction to typographic pointillism. Having my art available online immediately opens it up to a larger audience to view all the pieces. I am looking forward to tonight's show as well as comments from my fans who can view it online."