X-Art, Colette to Make VOD Debut

X-Art, Colette to Make VOD Debut

LOS ANGELES, LAS VEGAS — X-Art and Colette have announced for the first time in company history they will be releasing their content on video-on-demand, cutting deals with four VOD platforms.

According to a representative, X-Art has enjoyed a great partnership with two companies, Adult Source Media for DVD distribution and SoCal Licensing for worldwide broadcasting and licensing. They have cut a unique arrangement with the four VOD companies, the representative added.

All four of the VOD platforms will be each be given 100 exclusive scenes for a limited time only, ensuring “all partners will be provided with an ample amount of high quality content from the X-Art archives.”

All 400 scenes will be available for download, streaming and purchasing beginning today.

"Ever since ASM took over DVD distribution for X-Art, SoCal Licensing has been constantly inundated with requests by VOD companies,” said SoCal Licensing president Jim Crawford. “In all of my years in the industry I've never seen such a demand from our VOD partners. We're excited about meeting the incredible amount of requests from everyone."

For domestic and international DVD Sales, please contact john@adultsourcemedia.com. For all licensing and broadcast opportunities, please contact Jim@Socallicensing.com.