Eropartner Offers SenseMax's SenseBand Interactive Device

Eropartner Offers SenseMax's SenseBand Interactive Device

ZWAAGDIJK, The Netherlands — Eropartner Distribution has announced its offering of SenseMax’s new SenseBand — an interactive wristband with Bluetooth and virtual reality (VR) compatibility.

According to the company, the latest member of SenseMax’s Intimate Experience 3.0 concept, the SenseBand, allows users to extend the power of their hands to elevate the traditional hand job.

“As something totally fresh on the market, it’s poised to be an industry leader in this new category for intimate products,” says an Eropartner rep. “Thanks to its discreet design and lightweight execution, this revolutionary wristband is the ultimate pleasure device that fits in wherever you go.”

SenseBand’s motion sensor technology and Bluetooth capability enable users to take their alone or partner time to new heights. Simply connect the device via Bluetooth to the Sense Lovers mobile app and synchronize it with the adult videos, stroke in a normal motion and let your senses take control.

“For a fully immersive intimate experience, enable the SenseBand’s VR capabilities by inserting your mobile device into Sense VR or any other VR headset,” the rep adds. “If you’re not using it for its interactive and VR-immersive functions, the versatile SenseBand also doubles as a nice piece of wearable tech.”

In line with SenseMax’s high design standards, SenseBand is nightstand approved and travel-ready, with a minimalist look and modern shape designed to blend in naturally with its surroundings. SenseBand is available in black and turquoise, at a suggested retail price of less than $50. The device comes with two lithium batteries, a six-month warranty, and an adjustable one-size-fits-most band.

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