COLT Rolls Out 2018 Calendars

COLT Rolls Out 2018 Calendars

LOS ANGELES — COLT Studio Group has announced order details for its 2018 COLT and Buckshot Calendars, which will ship on July 1 for retailers worldwide. 

The batch of themes includes six fully nude calendar versions: of COLT Men, COLT Leather, COLT Hairy Chested, Buckshot Boys and the new COLT Hung and COLT Daddies. All COLT and Buckshot calendars are packaged with a commemorative poster for collectors. 

"We plan to sell out again this year. So, I advise everyone to place their orders now,” said John Rutherford, owner and creative director of COLT Studio Group. “We saw a huge increase the last few years in calendar sales, and we forecast larger numbers again this year.

“We're very excited to see the two newest additions to the annual line-up, COLT Hung and COLT Daddies,” Rutherford added. “COLT Men have always been known as the world's most masculine men, and now, you can have them in their all-natural state as well." 

The six all-nude calendars features performers such as COLT Men Tom Chase, Brenden Cage and others such as Dirk Caber, Paddy O’Brian, Spencer Reed and Topher DiMaggio.

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