Bijoux Indiscrets Boosts Magnifique Collection at Eropartner

Bijoux Indiscrets Boosts Magnifique Collection at Eropartner

ZWAAGDIJK, The Netherlands — Eropartner Distribution has announced the completion of Bijoux Indiscrets’ most vintage lineup yet, The Magnifique Collection, with the addition of seven new pieces.

According to the company, Bijoux Indiscrets now offers a dozen designs blending eroticism and fashion.

The brand’s co-founders, Elsa Viegas and Marta Aguiar, drew their inspiration for these accessories from the sensuality of New York cabaret dancers.

“Non-conformist, attractive and dazzling women who stayed true to their principles, they showed they were not afraid to be sensual and beautiful,” explains a company rep. “These women not only invented a new way of understanding music, but fashion too.”

As a result, Magnifique’s 12-piece collection of chains, available in silver and gold, frame the body and highlight the feminine form while seeking to awaken the most sensual side of all women. Enhancing the female body, they outline the silhouette and can be worn over clothes or on bare skin.

All Magnifique pieces come complete with designer packaging, featuring typical 1920’s Art Deco prints, include a safety seal and a product photograph for easy in-store display.

“Among its chains, the Magnifique Collection gathers the rebelliousness and sensuality that marked an era,” the rep adds. “The finish is irresistible and they adapt to all personalities and body shapes: feel sexy to look sexy with Magnifique body chains by Bijoux Indiscrets.”

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