Shunga Releases New Aphrodisiac Warming Oils

Shunga Releases New Aphrodisiac Warming Oils

MONTREAL — Shunga will be debuting new aphrodisiac warming oils at next month’s ANME Show in Burbank, Calif.   

“[Shunga President] Sylvain [Seguin] is the creator of the new design and it’s so Shunga,” said Manon Vallée, vice president and co-founder of Eau Zone Oils and Fragrances. “Shunga is Asian, simplified, sophisticated, colourful, ingenious and romantic.”

To use Shunga Erotic Art’s warming aphrodisiac oils, users can start by gently rubbing a small amount of warming liquid on their lover’s sensitive areas. Blowing on the area with a sensual hot breath activates the heating process. Erogenous zones that the warming oils can be used on include: the earlobe, the back of the neck, in between the thighs, upper buttocks, toes and more.

The aphrodisiac oils are completely edible, and do not contain sugar.

“We introduced four new exquisite flavors: Midnight sorbet, Caramel Kisses, Coconut Thrills and Creamy Love Latte,” said Jean-Pierre Hamelin, Shunga’s marketing director. “Firstly, Midnight Sorbet has a sweet taste of mixed fruit flavors. Second flavor is Caramel Kisses, a buttery toffee type of caramel. Coconut Thrills is the very best flavor of coconut we could find in the world and last but not least Creamy Love Latte is a sweet taste of creamy coffee. A taste you will find in the richest, smooth South American coffee.”

According to Séguin, “The new design is unique. The bottle shape has a subtle angle and calculated to be stable. Also featuring a modern Japanese style cork. Still sold with a can they are now colorful and represent the warming oils flavors inside. We replaced the cork for a twist on lid. It’s so convenient to open and close now. It will help when customers are foreplaying,”

Linda Mclean, Shunga’s sales representative, said, “Side-by-side it looks like a rainbow. We are expecting a good sales increase because of the design and new flavors. Like always, when you sell the complete Shunga category or the complete line, sales are just better because of the brand impact.”

Shunga’s new Aphrodisiac Oils at the ANME show next month.