East Coast News Now Carrying Lux Fetish Collection

East Coast News Now Carrying Lux Fetish Collection

HIGHSTOWN, N.J. — East Coast News has announced they are now carrying items in the Lux Fetish Collection from Electric EEL.

The Lux Fetish Collection features classic BDSM styles that are “ideal for beginners and couples.” The brand encourages sexual exploration and an “always play safe” environment.

“We are very excited to offer Lux Fetish to our customers,” said Justin Vickers, retail coordinator for East Coast News. “The items are value priced and high quality, and they should do very well for stores looking to add an affordable fetish line to their stock.”

In addition to single items, East Coast News is also offering a planogram to its customers. The planogram consists of 38 classic BDSM styles.

“We have had a beautiful relationship with ECN for many years and we are very excited to take our relationship to the next level with their distribution of our best selling Lux Fetish collection,” added Zachary Goode, national sales manager for Electric Eel, Inc. “Together, ECN and Lux Fetish have teamed up to offer you only the best sellers made with high quality construction and materials at the lowest price so YOU make more money.”

The items are ready to be shipped now. For more information, visit ECN.com, email sales@ecn.com or call (800) 999-2483.