Joey Gabra Now Solutions Director for New Media Services

Joey Gabra Now Solutions Director for New Media Services

BURBANK, Calif. — Adult industry veteran Joey Gabra has joined New Media Services as the company’s new Solutions Director.

The move follows Gabra’s seven-year stint with Affil4You, during which he received numerous company and personal awards for his achievements as Managing Director.

Gabra’s transition away from Affil4You comes as the company moves in a new direction, focused more on software and media buying solutions, requiring a different skill set than what Gabra could provide.

“My business interests and goals have changed and I was looking to move in a direction where I could focus on the needs of our industry,” Gabra states. “I’ve seen so much of the industry moving in the direction of cams, social media, and VR that calls for a quality user experience and heightened customer/client engagement, so this is where I wanted to be!”

New Media Services has quickly established its brand among the best companies in the digital media arena offering outsourcing resources and hi-tech back office services.

“New Media Services is all about ‘people power’ and our people give your companies the power to succeed,” Gabra explains. “New Media Services has played an important role in the growth and success of numerous companies.”

Joey’ position as  Solutions Director with New Media Services is where his strong connections in the adult and mainstream digital media space allow him to tap into the needs of those companies that require overall solutions with the right support. Along with the usual range of services provided by many outsourcing companies, such as customer support, moderation, design, admin support, etc., New Media Services can also create, customize, tailor, facilitate and fulfill a company’s needs, especially in the fast-paced world of digital media.

“I am thrilled to have Joey join NMS. Joey will bring customer management as well his ability to create solutions for our clients,” says New Media Services Owner Martin Eyking. “The future for Joey looks brighter than ever with him having a passion for technology and the desire to be a part of something that can offer companies a solution to succeed.”

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