Ron Jeremy to Appear in Debate at Simmons College

BOSTON — Porn superstar Ron Jeremy has been invited by all-women Simmons College to helm the pro-adult side of a pornography debate, scheduled tonight at 7 p.m.

Jeremy will bite back at arguments made by noted feminist Susan Cole.

Jeremy's invitation already has stirred debate and controversy among the female student body. Many believe Jeremy isn't qualified to hold a serious academic debate.

"I think Ron Jeremy being invited to any college campus anywhere in the United States is a very bad idea," Wheelock College Professor Gail Dines said. "This man is a representative of the pornography industry. He has not studied the industry. He has not written about the industry in any thoughtful way."

Others feel someone else should have been chosen in Jeremy's place, someone not necessarily associated with performing.

"It would be so much more informative to the student body, to the Simmons community as a whole, if we could have two intellectuals, pro and against," Simmons student Eva Rae said.

Simmons student Jessica Rudis organized the event and is pleased to see that Jeremy's attendance is already spurring discussion on campus.

"I think it's been really positive in that the protests and the criticism has got even more people thinking about it and even more people taking their own initiative to look into issues in the pornography industry," Rudis said.

Simmons College officials said they believe students will ask "good, tough questions" at the student-only debate.