Television X Offers 'Hard Brexxxit' Series

UNITED KINGDOM — Television X has announced the release of its latest series, “Hard Brexxxit,” which was filmed in London.

Directed by Amory Peart, the summar is as follows: Prime Minister and leader of The Whorey Party, Teaser Maynot travels to meet Tronald Dump and receives a squeeze she’ll never forget.

Back in the U.K., leader of The Laymore Party Jizza Cwoarbyn struggles to get his polls up, so Shadow Home Secretary Pianne Faggot hits the streets, going above and beyond the call of duty to gain votes from loyal Whorey supporters. Knickerless Virgin liaises with her German counterpart Angular Merkin for an under the table deal. And things become pretty sticky when a bear chested Gladimhere Putitin has a covert encounter with America’s First Lady, Mania Dump. 

Hard Brexxxit airs July 1, and will continue the following four Saturdays at 10 p.m. on Television X — Sky 903, Freeview 171, Virgin 978. For more information, visit