TrafficForce Offers Ad Zone White Listing Feature

TrafficForce Offers Ad Zone White Listing Feature

LOS ANGELES — TrafficForce has announced the release of its Ad Zone White Listing feature.

According to the company, digital marketing requires deployment, testing, adaptation, and redeployment to happen at a fast pace for business owners to capitalize on trending data. When the first few rounds of ads in a campaign are completed, the process of putting analytics to work as quickly as possible is crucial to maximizing the ROI of each subsequent ad spend, which is where the new Ad Zone White Listing tool comes in.

“White listing allows our clients to create lists and groups of ad zones that work well for their marketing strategy so that they can begin to pre-populate those same zones in new campaigns, or include them in other existing campaigns, without the hassles of having to manually optimize their ad space,” explains Ross of TrafficForce. “The result is much faster targeting, simpler roll-outs, better fine-tuning and an improved ROI on each dollar spent simply by utilizing the data from your previous campaigns more efficiently.”

Ross notes one of the challenges of evolving TrafficForce’s advanced ad platform is finding new features that benefit customers on a universal level.

“Advertisers and publishers vary quite a bit in their goals and marketing strategies, but this new White Listing Ad Zone tool is a feature that every media buyer can use to their advantage,” Ross added. “It also helps productive publishers by gaining repeat customers for their ad space easier with a higher degree of ad zone automation, while buyers also allocate their budgets toward higher bid rates for the quality ad space that performs best.”

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