xHamster Offering 'Sex Lectures' YouTube Series

PRAGUE — Following the expulsion of ex-adult star Professor Nick Goddard, xHamster is sponsoring a series of YouTube lectures led by Goddard.

According to a representative, former Manchester University Professor Nick Goddard was expelled from university last year due to his pornographic career. He boasts more than 30 years of experience in chemistry and the biosensors field. 

"Professor Goddard’s story touches us and we want to support him in his post-academic career,” said xHamster’s Alex Hawkins. “Sponsoring his series of lectures is the best way to to acknowledge his career and support idea of permissive society. We even believe Nick Goddard's series of YouTube lectures can bring more knowledge to people."

Czech production company XCZECH.com, headed by CCO Jan Dudek, produced the series of lectures in Prague.

"We were very proud to work with a great personality as is Professor Goddard,” Dudek said. “Our goal was to make lectures that would be understandable for everyone. We believe Professor Goddard deserves recognition regardless his porn career. We believe in an idea of the permissive society where everybody can express his sexuality freely."

To view the lectures, click here