Je Joue Announces Product Upgrades

Je Joue Announces Product Upgrades

LONDON — Je Joue reports that its products now feature new buttons, packaging and chargers.

“We ran focus groups, read reviews online, talked to staff in store, worked in stores ourselves and ran our own sex positive pop up store (featured in Glamour magazine and Time Out) in London in November and December 2016 — complete with sex positive talks,” the company said.

According to Je Joue, the company has strengthened the control panel to raise the buttons from the base of the toy to make them easier to press. Je Joue also has made the connection between the charger and the toy stronger.

Je Joue also has revamped its packaging.

“We are a luxury brand and want to make sure we portray this in every aspect of the brand,” the company said. “When people invest in one of our Je Joue toys, we want to convey the luxurious experience before opening the box. Our new boxes are discreet and beautiful, with a velvety soft touch, which matches our vibes.”

Je Joue also said it will launch a new product in September.

Je Joue Marketing Manager Jane Welsh said, “We want to encourage everyone — from complete beginners to those that are more experienced — to explore and understand their bodies, enrich their sexual experiences, and let themselves succumb to the pleasure of the moment.”