iWantClips Promotes Safety and Privacy Practices for Models

iWantClips Promotes Safety and Privacy Practices for Models

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — iWantClips.com has launched a blog sharing best practices and advice intended to ensure online safety and privacy for models and content producers.

According to the company, the initiative is a concerted effort to thwart and dissuade hacking, viral attacks and other cybercrimes.

“At a time when web-based crime is on the rise, we wanted to share some important safety and privacy tips for models and content producers who make a living on the internet,” iWantClips VP Jay Phillips states. “We’ve built our brand on the content these models produce so we feel this care is necessary to help protect the safety of all models.”

Phillips encourages adult community members to educate themselves on ways to stay safe from online threats and to protect their private information, and offers a blog entitled “5 Online Safety Tips to Safeguard Your Model Identity and Privacy,” that offers models important advice. 

The blog reveals how seemingly innocuous things such as location-based advertising on sites such as Pandora, for instance, could reveal the neighborhood a model may live in. A customer on the other end of a model’s Skype session or phone chat could very well overhear a location based ad that reveals her particular neighborhood and put her safety and privacy in danger, while those who use their personal phone number to enter in websites and apps may be better served by using Google Voice since it gives one number for all phones while masking the actual numbers.

Personal information may also be obtained through one’s IP address and the blog details how an IP address alone can’t say much about the person, but when paired with a user name, the IP address can reveal one’s identity and more.

“These tips will reduce the opportunity for cybercrimes to take place, and will go a long way in maintaining model privacy,” Phillips adds. “Software can only do so much, so in the end, information, being more aware of dangers, and common sense are the best weapons to protect against online threats.”

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