CrakRevenue Offers 'Gay Smartlinks'

CrakRevenue Offers 'Gay Smartlinks'

QUEBEC CITY — CrakRevenue has announced a new gay-specific extension to its “Smartlinks” tool, providing a single-link solution for monetizing gay-oriented sources of traffic.

“CrakRevenue is proud to present its Gay Smartlink, which allows affiliates to get the best offers for their traffic,” says Olivier Bourque, VP of Business Development at CrakRevenue, who explains “Smartlinks are an all-in-one efficient tool that delivers great results with minimal effort for webmasters and affiliates.”

Smartlinks were launched by the CPA network in March, geared toward a variety of verticals such as adult, cams, dating, video-on-demand, and mobile carrier, and according to the company are routinely optimized by the network’s affiliate management team.

A gay-targeted all-in-one Smartlink is a welcome addition to CrakRevenue’s lineup that is available in time for LGBT month.

“CrakRevenue currently provides access to all the best gay cams on the market, making us a definite leader in this vertical,” adds Mathieu Bisson, Product Assistant Manager at CrakRevenue. “In the video-on-demand (VOD) vertical, CrakRevenue offers two exclusive paysites: Real Lesbians as well as Punish Gay — two leading sites with fantastic payouts. In the Dating vertical, affiliates with primarily gay-oriented audiences without question are sure to find the perfect match with our network offering six different gay offerings.”

CrakRevenue also plans to unveil its first gay survey product, The Rainbow Survey, after reporting success with its lineup of survey-branded offerings, which are designed to increase user engagement.

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