Give Lube Releases Lubeshot Tubs

Give Lube Releases Lubeshot Tubs

UNITED KINGDOM — Give Lube has introduced Lubeshot tubs for bricks and mortar stores, which contain 50 10-milliter lubeshots in Premium Aqua Gel and Silicone+ formulas.

The tubs are 20 centimeters tall and designed for countertops and for impulse purchasing and upselling. The suggested retail prices for the lubeshots are £1.49 for Premium Aqua Gel and £1.99 for Silicone+.

Give Pleasure Products Managing Director Nigel Powell said, “With lubeshots containing a generous 10ml of lubricant we think that they’re a better sachet investment for both the retailer and the consumer.

“The water content in smaller sachet sizes of three or four milliters will evaporate a lot quicker which can leave the customer unsatisfied, the last thing we want in this industry! 10ml is enough to ensure that the customer gets the full experience of the lube and the full benefit. At 11cm long the lubeshots are taller than a lot of 30ml bottles, so the customer perceives good value for money and the retailer gets a better return on their sachet investment.”