Q&A: Hauntingly Beautiful Alex Harper Seduces Mortal Prey

Q&A: Hauntingly Beautiful Alex Harper Seduces Mortal Prey

LOS ANGELES — Come closer. No. Not that close. There. That’s better. I’ll not have you sully these pristine cobblestones with the grime of peasantry! The mistress … well, she would be most displeased.

Now, then … do you see those wrought iron gates ahead, dear fellow? Where the crags hunch jealously over a monstrous temple ... see how the moonlight is warped? How it bends … with outlandish radiance, around that frostbitten steeple. That … is where she perches.

Don’t run off, you fool! Her scarlet gaze has already fixated upon you … with ruthless, hungering intent. Even at this distance, she can close the gap with frightful speed. Stand still. Yes. Yesss. There she goes! A whirlwind of feathers, claws and crackling cloak!

Behold, mortal. You stand before the Contessa de Spiegler … Alex Harper!

Petrified, are you? Shivering with uncontrollable … desire? Quite normal. No one, neither man, nor woman, nor trans, can behold such a vision of ghostly elegance, such sculpted cheekbones and piercingly glacial eyes, bewitchingly hot … like an icicle thrust into the ribcage.

And lo, how finely fitted her bustier, how exquisitely her breasts threaten to burst forth from the seams of that gossamer lace. Hah! I myself am growing quite stiff.

This is no mere medusa, no stony gargoyle. This is a being of alien starlight, a hybrid of lupine howling, a vampiric predator frothing with bloodlust and orifice-seeking tentacles! Shifting … in and out of dimensional vapors, for realities merge in a rainbow-lit panoply of madness, all of it, consuming the very marrow of your white-knuckled, laughably existential grip on sanity!

Mistress, have I served thee well? This fool wandered well beyond the lamplight. Yes. Yes, of course. I’ve already scouted the vicinity. There isn’t a single, sanctimonious witch hunter for miles. I would never permit those puritanical knaves to lay a single stake upon that deliciously pallid complexion.

But … I did entice the villagers to give chase! Yes, there they are! Here comes the mongrel crowd, emboldened with their pitchforks. Yet, none of the hooded churchmen accompanying them is who they suspect, for beneath the frocks, our slavering kindred are concealed. Hah! Watch how the weaponry falls from their hands. Their mouths hang agape. Sweat beads upon their brows. Their hands travel down to the nethermost recesses of their pantaloons.

The time, has come. Finish feasting upon that amuse-bouche, mistress Harper. Let us move upon the multitudes. They are ready, at last, to hear of your dark tale. Afterwards, we shall rend them, limb from erect limb … and sacrifice them to the eldritch lords of XBIZ.

Come closer, one and all … for this inaugural interview is but a taste of what’s to come, from the Contessa. Many and more will echo thereafter, the screams and cries she inspires!

XBIZ: How did you get your start in the industry?

Alex Harper: I began modeling when I was 18 in 2012, for around five years, and it gradually turned into nude, fetish, erotic and girl/girl … inch-worming my way. Then, I was like, “You know what? I’ve wanted to try porn for a long time.” So, I kind of jumped into it and started roughly a year ago. Here’s the funny part. Even though I inch-wormed my way through modeling, one of my very first boy/girl scenes was anal. I jumped right into the booty!

XBIZ: Haha. And, what led you to get involved with Spiegler?

Harper: Well, I mean, you hear about him everywhere. And you hear nothing but good things about this guy. That was it. I heard about his reputation, and I started getting more serious about my career. I thought, based on my expectations for the future, Spiegler was what I wanted. I, like, bombarded him.

It was pretty much through a friend, his name was Vin. He’s going to laugh when he reads this, because I can’t pronounce his last name for the life of me. Vin is a photographer. He’s really big friends with Spiegler, so he kind of jammed his foot in the door for me. This was a month or two ago. I literally just moved to L.A. to start with Spiegler. So, I’m still a newbie.

It’s one of those things that you definitely have to work for. You get what you put in. You just have to be very reliable, punctual, respectful and a professional. I was very excited when he accepted me. I was very flattered. I’m excited to be a part of the team, because it’s a big family.

XBIZ: Now that you’re with Spiegler, what kind of work have you been getting?

Harper: I did a VR for VRCosplayX.com, and that was really fun because I played Zatanna and I fucked Constantine. If that’s not a lot of girls’ fantasies, I’d be surprised. It was really fun. I’ve watched “Constantine” the movie, but I’m more into manga and I like the comics. A girl cancelled and I guess I had the exact look for Zatanna, so I was like, “Okay! I’ll be a sexy magician and fuck Constantine’s dick.” In fact, my very first VR scene that I ever did was anal. Back in the day. So, I learned real quick how difficult it is to, you know, do squats on a dick. Especially, in the booty hole. It was fun. I enjoy doing it, I just don’t do leg day the day before.

The Zatanna shoot was my first one with Spiegler, aside from working with Aiden Starr. I just shot a scene with her for Extreme Restraints. I love Aiden. She’s super cool. I love working with her and being around her is really fun. I also did a scene with Mickey Mod for Evil Angel, directed by Aiden. He was really cool. So Aiden wanted me to be really, really kinky. She wanted me to say, like, weird shit. I was a stepsister catching my stepbrother masturbating to my picture. Usually, it’s the other way around, but you know. Change it up.

I just said the weirdest stuff like, “Fuck my step-pussy. Yeah, rub your dick all over my pubes.” It was really fun. Aiden wanted it even weirder. She was like, “No, weirder ...” And Mickey, we had good chemistry and good flow. He took my weirdness, and threw it back at me. It’s going to be a pretty quirky scene. I worked with Naughty America two times, as well, in a boy/girl and an anal, directed by Shelby Black. He was really cool. Otherwise, since I just moved here, I haven’t done too much yet. Mainly go-sees, getting tested and, yadda yadda.

XBIZ: What do you have coming up?

Harper: Shooting boy/girl with Carlo Carrera, and a go-see with Penthouse. Anal with Mick Blue. Kink device bondage. I’m really excited about that, because I’ve never been fucked by a machine before. Only in my dreams.

XBIZ: So, are you really into the kink and fetish stuff?

Harper: Oh, yeah. I had a lot of fetishes before joining adult. There’s no other way to say this, but I have a trans fetish. I’ve got a lot of trans friends, and I’ve just always been attracted to them, just very sexually attracted to them. I liked bondage. I like a little pain play. When I got into adult, my fetishes kind of enhanced and I gained a few. I wasn’t into feet, and now I’m into pretty girl feet. I like having my feet played with, and playing with other girls’ feet.

Just general fetishes. I’ve got random ones ranging from anal to getting fucked with machines to backs. Just backs. I’m really into strong looking backs. It’s a wide rainbow of varieties. I have a big food fetish. Put this in your fucking magazine! I get horny almost every single time I eat. I get so excited and pumped about being able to eat. Like, I’m obsessed with food.

I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t do ‘em drugs. I barely even go out. Like I said, I play video games … how would I go out? So, my one vice is food. Sometimes, I get a food that is beyond amazing … the best shit I have ever tasted. I’m talking about food having sex on my tastebuds, So, I can actually cum while eating. It’s got to be really fucking good. It has to be fan-fucking-tastic. And if I reach that point, I can literally just be like, “Oh god.”

I’ve eaten steak and have had that happen. I’m a medium cook type. I like the medium, because it has that pink in the middle. That’s a lot of what I like actually. Soft on the inside, crunchy on the outside. Like, cookies! The most recent time was after XRCO. I ate cheesecake! I was eating and was like, “Wow, this is really fucking good. Oh my god!” And then I ate the crust of the cheesecake ... and the crust did it! The fuck-mothering crust did it. My favorite food is baby back ribs, though.

XBIZ: Speaking of good food, tell us a little bit about life in Missouri.

Harper: Oh god. Well, Missouri’s got cows, porn, country. It’s amazing, because it has the best of both worlds. It’s got Kansas City, St. Louis … it’s got a lot of music, art and culture. And it also has the country right next to it. So, it’s like a very slower paced lifestyle than Los Angeles. The folks in Missouri are definitely more warm and friendly. Not too conservative. Generally speaking, like the Midwest, the Bible Belt. There are billboards in Kansas, where it’s like, “No abortion!” but then there’s a stripclup right down the road. It’s very ironic.

XBIZ: What were you like growing up?

Harper: I was a tomboy, a complete tomboy. I grew up just wanting to play outside all the time. Played around with the boys … no, not like that. I got dirty. I roughed up my knees. I climbed trees all the time. I played cars and Barbies, but I also really liked art. Anything creative, I kind of flocked to. Drawing, painting, sculpting, singing, piano … anything with artistic value … it was a magnet.

XBIZ: Were you ever into choir or theater? Art class?

Harper: I was in choir. I was in theater … all that fun stuff. Art was definitely one of my favorite classes, but so was gym. It’s funny, because you don’t typically see this. The super artsy kids like to sit on the sidelines and not touch balls, pun intended. But, I fucking loved dodgeball. Anytime it was a dodgeball day, I was like, “Fuck yeah!”

XBIZ: Given your diverse interests, what is your vision for where you plan to take your career in the adult industry?

Harper: Well, I’ve got several goals. I do intend on branching out more into makeup, photography. That way I can still be a part of the industry once I’m not able to model anymore. I plan on saving to do a first time home loan at some point. Just having that stable foundation and not blowing it all on purses and shoes. You have to spend money to make money, so there’s the expenses like testing, getting wardrobe for scenes and making sure you’re still up to par — beautified, all pretty. I mean, you get what you put in. I’m just really happy that I’m with Spiegler because he has that name for himself, but at the same time, even though you get treated better for that, you still have to work hard. You have to be punctual, you have to earn that name.

XBIZ: Earlier, you touched upon manga and anime. Are there any literary or cinematic influences that impact your craft or inspire you to perform better overall?

Harper: As far as adult is concerned, it depends on what type of scene I’m doing. Another thing I want to get into more is acting. But I would prefer to be in film, more than theater, for multiple reasons. It really depends on the genre of the scene, if there’s dialogue, pre-planned or improv. I don’t mind dialogue, because I was in theater, I know how to memorize day-of and get into that character. But, I do love improv because you can take inspiration from anywhere and bounce off people’s energy.

No matter what you do in life, you take inspiration from what you’ve learned and your experiences. For example, if I’m doing something kinky or, moreso, a dominatrix, that power type of woman … I’m going to watch stuff with, like, a strong female lead. Or, at least, take that inspiration from Furiosa from “Mad Max,” the women from “Sin City” and the red light district. They’re really hot.

But, if you’re going to play a delicate, little flower. You’re going to research other genres. It’s really cool, because even though a genre is a genre, everyone has their own different take on that. So, everyone is going to do a dom differently.

XBIZ: Recreationally, how do you relax in between shoots and the like?

Harper: Well, like I said … manga and anime. As far as anime is concerned, my favorite is “Wolf’s Rain.” But there’s always the really top-tier ones, like “Trigun” and “Cowboy Bebop.” The first anime I ever watched was “Tenchi Muyo!” I think that’s when I realized I started noticing the girls more than the guys. Though, I didn’t come out until I was 20 … 21. I’m bi, leaning towards guys, but that’s when I started noticing girls more. It was like, “Oh … that girl is wearing less clothes than that guy … why do I feel weird in my pants.”

My favorite mangas are “One-Punch Man,” “Berserk” and “Boys Over Flowers.” I also love video games. I grew up playing Playstation. I just got a PS4 recently. Currently, I can’t get through “Resident Evil 7.” I was such a wusspuss. I had to watch the playthroughs. I was terrified. I don’t think I can pick up the controller again. I’m serious. I can’t watch horror movies by myself. I’m that kind of person. But, I do like games like “Borderlands” and “Fallout.”

My favorite series is “Sly Cooper.” The most recent game that was out, like years ago, ended on a cliffhanger and now I hate myself. I’ve played every game, multiple times, and for some reason … I’m just super addicted to that game. I also love the “Super Mario” series! All the games. I’m super competitive on “Mario Kart.” I will kick your ass! I always end up choosing Peach, I don’t know why.

XBIZ: Do you have any tattoos at all?

Harper: Nope! When I moved out at 18, the wildest thing I did was dye my hair red. When I got into modeling I realized how important it is to be as mainstream, socially acceptable as possible. The only thing is, with most photography or go-sees with agencies, they want to see a clean slate that they can mold.

I’m not saying I have anything against tattoos, because I actually love tattoos and think they’re sexy, I want to get some one day, but it’s just … if you have certain tattoos in certain areas, it’s hard to do a certain kind of genre. With tattoos, you’re automatically associated with the alternative genre. It’s one of those things where I had to put something I wanted on hold, so that I could do my work.

Even though tattoos are becoming more widely acceptable, they’re still considered taboo. I mean, I grew up a goth kid. I had fake piercings I wore everywhere.