OVO Lifestyle Toys Adds Business Resource Portal

OVO Lifestyle Toys Adds Business Resource Portal

PEMBROKE PARK, Fla. — OVO Lifestyle Toys has launched a new resource portal for retailers and distributors.

Resources.OVOLifestyleToys.com allows users to download any asset they may need from OVO, such as product images, sales sheets, videos, merchandising materials and more.

Once logged in, users will see listing of everything that is available, sorted into folders. As an added bonus, users wishing to obtain product images have the option of downloading high-res or low-res images.

Retailers and distributors need to obtain a username and password first by contacting their OVO representative.   

“I’m excited about the new resource portal,” said Helle Panzieri, OVO's global sales director. “Our amazing partners across the globe now have one place to get anything they may ever need from OVO.

“We are always striving to not only put out the best products, but offer the best support to our partners. This site is another step in the right direction.”