CAM4, Lazeeva Partner for VR Apps

CAM4, Lazeeva Partner for VR Apps

MUNICH — Lazeeva and CAM4 have entered into a partnership to bring virtual reality-based adult entertainment to a broader audience.

Lazeeva’s alternative Android app store is erotica-friendly and is positioned for “the huge potential and innovative power that virtual reality presents to the adult industry beyond porn.”

Lazeeva CEO Tilmann Petersen says that while mainstream entertainment and gaming industries try to find the right product-market fit for VR, the adult industry shows its strength in applying new technologies for VR consumers.

“The future of adult VR lies not in porn but in interactive live VR,” Petersen says. “In fact, on the Lazeeva app store for erotica, live VR and interactive sex toys are the fastest growing trends.”

The results from Lazeeva’s German beta-launch confirm this.

“For VR porn, we see strong initial interest and turnover, yet retention rates are mostly in line with what we know from other well-developed apps out there,” Petersen explains. “However, what made our heads turn was the performance of the CAM4VR app.”

CAM4VR’s VR live chat app allows users to interact with CAM4’s live cam performers through VR devices in an interactive and uninterrupted experience. The concept and app are developed and operated by CAM4 together with celebrity performer and VR pioneer Ela Darling.

Darling notes the retention rates of CAM4VR are up to three-times higher than for other free VR apps, including porn and games.

“Live VR interactivity creates incredibly engaging personal and erotic experience shared with a remote partner that is as close to a real encounter as it can probably get,” Darling explains. “You can even connect interactive sex toys that ultimately translate the immersive virtual experience into a physical feeling. This is the closest to real sex that we can achieve right now in VR.”

As Lazeeva prepares its international roll-out backed by a new funding round with investors, both companies will collaborate to drive interactive SexTech to mobile users around the world, with Petersen seeing CAM4 as an ideal partner given the platform’s global audience, experience bringing new technologies to the live market, and shared vision of providing positive, tech-driven adult entertainment.

For her part Darling, who is the official Red Carpet Host of the upcoming XBIZ Cam Awards in Miami, values Lazeeva’s positive brand DNA, which speaks to target groups beyond heterosexual men.

“The brand’s partnership with CAM4 stands for positive adult entertainment for women, men, and couples, with plans to launch CAM4VR Gay with new male performers,” Darling says. “Given the mainstream success of live-streaming apps in Asia, the potential of live VR concepts in erotica is boundless beyond Western markets.”

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