Anya Ivy Discusses Reinventing Her Career

LOS ANGELES — Anya Ivy has announced she is reinventing herself and her career after taking a break to redefine her goals and aspirations.

“I’m taking the business side of my career more serious,” Ivy said. “I listen more. Hoping to grow in a whole new way, I’m more receptive to career advice and collaborations with visionary people. My goal is take things all the way. 

“When I’m not filming, you can find me buried in a book, or busy on my sewing machine, creating my own unique lingerie designs,” she continued. “I’m working on more films, getting back into filming consistently. I’m excited to re-emerge and participate in this year’s industry events, and taking advantage of more opportunities, and utilizing my talents.”

According to a representative, Ivy is a classically trained ballerina who attended a university in Fla. for two years before leaving and working as a waitress in her hometown of Atlanta, Ga. After college, she went from waiting tables to dancing on top of the tables as a stripper. 

Ivy started her journey in pornography after being introduced by a close friend. She also stated she created a trademark sex position she calls the “Anya Arabesque,” where she stands in the classic arabesque ballet position while the guy glides inside of her.

She is represented by O.C. Modeling. For booking information, visit For more information, follow her on Twitter.