XBIZ.net Paysite Meetup Touted for Lively Discussions

XBIZ.net Paysite Meetup Touted for Lively Discussions

PRAGUE — The XBIZ.net Paysite Meetup brought out lively discussions in an array of on-point subjects at its inaugural one-day event on Thursday.

Hosted by Vendo Services, the first XBIZ.net Paysite Meetup decidedly was a success in the eyes of all who attended.

Company representatives attending the event included those from DDF Networks, Porn Doe, Blacked, Life Selector, Eight Purple, Czech Cash, Bel Ami, MMP, Vikings of Porn, Harriet Sugarcookie, FrenchCash and Reality Lovers.

Thierry Arrondo, managing director of Vendo Services, called the event “a perfect environment to discuss new ideas and experiences.”

“I would really like to see people experience our upcoming meetups and join the conversation,” he told XBIZ.

The first XBIZ.net Paysite Meetup offered discussions on traffic, the paysite model, tube sites, discount sites, affiliates, membership vs. video-on-demand and media buying, as well as networking events that included lunch in the afternoon and drinks in the evening.

Paul from DDF Networks told XBIZ: “The meetup was fantastic, and I am very grateful that something like this has finally materialized with the help of XBIZ and Vendo.”

Paul, who leads sales and marketing for DDF, said that the venue was “perfectly located and nicely appointed” and the number of participants was “just about right.”

“The level of communication between attendees was very good, and topics chosen for discussion were on par for what paysites and content producers are dealing with these days,” he said. “Being a first of its kind, I think the next will be even better, taking away what worked well and what could be tweaked in the future to make this an invaluable event to attend.

“My team and I gained some insight that helped us to realize some paths we should venture, and we got to meet and speak with some paysite owners we have been wanting to meet for some time now,” he said.

“There was also no selling of any kind, purely discussion about the state of our particular industry, which was a breath of fresh air. I am very looking forward to the next one.”

Gian Carlo of PornDoe and Bitterstrawberry said he was “positively impressed” with the first XBIZ.net Paysite Meetup.

“It was interesting to see that many people have the same issues and coming together there is a way to solve the challenges,” he said. “I would definitely come back. I would like to invite all people who work in paysites to come to the next one.”  

Steve from Blacked.com said that the format of the inaugural event worked for his benefit.

"For me the meetup was a total success,” he said. “I flew in this morning and I am leaving this evening, this is maximum value for the short time spent here. The intimate setting and information sharing is just so much more productive in this format.”

Vendo Service’s Mitch, who was key in organizing the event, said that the industry was “starving” for an event like this.

“The amount of information shared today is a testament to the format and the desire of attendees to get hands on with topics that are vital to their business,” he said. “Speaking for Vendo and based on the feedback from attendees we will see you all in a few months for the next Paysite Meetup in Barcelona.”

Photos of the XBIZ.net Paysite Meetup in Prague can be viewed here.