Adam & Eve Get 'Naked' in Kay Brandt's New Survivalist Romance

Adam & Eve Get 'Naked' in Kay Brandt's New Survivalist Romance

LOS ANGELES — Director Kay Brandt has revealed her next Adam & Eve Pictures endeavor, a survivalist romance titled "Naked," which she will be shooting this weekend. 

The famed filmmaker recently scored four wins at the 2017 XBIZ Awards for her movies "Babysitting the Baumgartners" and "Forked," adding to her already impressive collection of trophies. Now, she is fusing the erotica power of "Baumgartners" with the reality show stylings of "Forked" for a truly innovative hybrid inspired by "Naked and Afraid."

“It’s a dramatic romance about two people who meet on a survivalist reality TV show," Brandt told XBIZ. "They fall for each other, but one person is being honest representing who they are outside of being ‘naked and afraid,’ and the other person is not representing themselves honestly. And all that is found out after the show is over and they go back to their regular lives.”

Capitalizing on the success of her previous erotica novel adaptions, "Naked" will be released alongside Brandt's very own novel version of the storyline.

“It’s based on a novel I’m currently finishing up and will be published in the fall of this year, alongside the movie," she revealed. "The thing is, like with ‘Safe Landings,’ that was the first books-to-movies line, when parodies were dying out, but they couldn’t find any authors willing to give up the rights to have their books made into porn. And I happened to fit the profile of an author and erotica filmmaker. Then, the ‘Baumgartners’ movies happened and they want to make more of these movies based on books. It’s a fact these sell well, because we’re tapping into another market of erotica readers, who already know of the story or can watch alongside it.”

She has kept the project under wraps, however, given the ever-present threat of idea snatchers in the industry. “I’ve been super quiet about it, so people don’t steal it from me," Brandt confessed. "I told the cast, 'Don’t share it with anyone after you’ve read the script!' So, everyone’s been quiet about it."

As for the star-studded cast, she told XBIZ, "I had a quiet audition for the lead role and I gave the part to Britney Amber. She’s very excited about it and is by far the best girl I interviewed. Part of it has to do with the fact she’s an outdoorsman. She’s a professional archer, is proficient with shooting guns, has survival skills and she can really act and play parts. I think she’s been really underrated her whole career. 'Naked' also features Chanel Preston, Mia Li (who was in Forked), Derrick Pierce (who plays the romantic lead), Donnie Rock, Small Hands, Logan Long and Ryan Driller. And then, there’s a non-sex role for my ever-returning Joe Filippone.”