NightProwl Studio Offers Franchise Opportunity

NightProwl Studio Offers Franchise Opportunity

LOS ANGELES — NightProwl Studio has taken the next step in its growth by opening its operation as a franchise opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors interested in entering the live cam space.

Known as a leading studio in Romania, NightProwl seeks to extend its expertise to other studio operations, providing a competitive advantage for neophyte owners.

NightProwl founder Alexandru Gheorghe says the studio is not aiming to expand fast or go global yet.

“Our main goal is to take it one step at a time and to open new studios and to start new partnerships only with investors we know and trust, at the right time and place, so we can properly assure the supervision and the development of the franchise,” Gheorghe says. “For the next few months, we will be busy implementing our strategies in the new location (Constanta), so we will not be open for business during this timeframe — but we can start some negotiations and take into account future projects!”

Gheorghe says that with a considerable legacy behind it and going strong since 2011, NightProwl has become famous for its proactive management strategies, for the innovations brought to the Romanian cam market and its socially responsible status. Consequently, it is one of the most important studios when it comes to turnover or total earnings figures, even though it is a rather medium-sized studio, featuring only 10 working rooms.

The first franchise studio, located in Constanta City, will carry on this tradition and will provide eight working rooms when opened, although the franchisee reports it has space to grow and it might be possible to add four more rooms in the future.

Gheorghe says the management of the new studio will also integrate the prime strategy oriented towards quality instead of quantity, which has always characterized NightProwl Studio.

“A very special focus will be placed as well on model’s development and retention, just like in the original studio,” Gheorghe explains. “The aim of the new location is to become the perfect reflection of the original concept. In this regard, they will provide models and staff with intensive training or experience exchange programs.”

This new path for NightProwl is welcomed by the management, models and staff representatives alike, with a spokesman stating of the new studio location, “even though there are only three weeks left until its grand opening, we’re still so impatient to see and visit it!”

“We consider ourselves to be special as a team and as a studio,” explains Ana F., NightProwl’s Head of Franchise Performer Development Department. “We like to work hard, but with intense passion, thus managing to have fun at work!”

Ana says one of the strongest characteristics of the studio is creating a very united and happy group of models and staff — a strategy that will be incorporated in the new location as well.

“I was previously a model in this studio a few years back, now I will continue the tradition, I will share my experience and I will pass all my learning gained through all these years to the new generation of cam girls regardless of the location,” Ana says. “NightProwl is more than a live cam studio, it represents, on one hand, a large and happy family and on the other hand a life academy, one which helps its models develop not only their camming skills but their personal ones too.”

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