TrafficStars Offers Dynamic CPM

TrafficStars Offers Dynamic CPM

LIMASSOL — TrafficStars has released the newest enhancement to its ad network platform with the addition of Dynamic CPM (DCPM).

According to the company, with Standard CPM bidding, advertisers pay the same price for each thousand impressions, regardless of the demand. With DCPM, advertisers can set a maximum CPM bid and then let the TrafficStars algorithm do its job, with each ad call evaluated in real-time to determine what the impression is really worth at that specific moment.

The DCPM model maximizes performance as it has the flexibility to “hand pick” each impression and pay exactly what it’s worth. With Standard CPM, advertisers would never have access to the most valuable impressions, which are more likely to convert. Likewise, they might overpay for many impressions that are worth far less than the CPM bid.

TrafficStars CEO Geoffrey Bonnechère says the benefits of Dynamic CPM are threefold:

“First, advertisers pay exactly what each impression is worth; second, they can reach better quality ad placements and; third, they don’t waste time with CPM price manual optimizations since our algorithm does it automatically 24/7, 365 days a year,” Bonnechère explains. “It’s a gain of time, which will allow the advertisers to create more campaigns, test new placements and so on.”

“The power of TrafficStars’ in-house DCPM combined with our RTB technology creates a whole new level of competition and performance potential,” Bonnechère adds. “[This has] been and will continue to generate significantly higher ROIs for our advertisers.”

The DCPM pricing model is now available to all advertisers bidding on the platform as well as DSP partners who can work on a second-price auction basis.

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