Hot House Gets Steamy With Release of 'Bathhouse Ballers'

Hot House Gets Steamy With Release of 'Bathhouse Ballers'

SAN FRANCISCO — Falcon has released Hot House’s newest feature, “Bathhouse Ballers,” directed by Nick Foxx.

“Making ‘Bathhouse Ballers’ for Hot House was especially exciting for me,” states Foxx. “The effort put in from the amazing cast mixed with the real-life situations make this movie one of my favorites I’ve ever filmed!”

“Bathhouse Ballers” explores saunas and communal showers with seven muscle men, including exclusives Austin Wolf, Woody Fox, Johnny V and Sean Zevran, as well as fan favorites Micah Brandt, Brendan Phillips and Scott Riley.

“I’m so excited that we’re releasing ‘Bathhouse Ballers’ from Hot House,” adds Tim Valenti, Falcon Studios Group President. “Nick Foxx really knows how to take fans into that fantasy and depict perfectly what goes on deep in the steam of the bathhouse.”

“Bathhouse Ballers” is available on DVD and download from

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