Tenga Expands to U.S. Market With Tenga USA

Tenga Expands to U.S. Market With Tenga USA

TOKYO — Japanese brand Tenga Co. Ltd. has announced the establishment of Tenga USA, which will partner with SexToyDistributing.com to address the consumer demand for Tenga products in the U.S.

“It has long been a goal for our company, and myself personally, to set up a base of operations in the U.S.,” said Yohei Mano, CEO of Tenga USA. “I, along with our vice president Tatsuya Yorozu, will be taking a more active role in serving our retailers and fans with the help of our new distribution partner. With our new plans for further pushing our PR endeavors, we are very excited to see what 2017 and beyond holds for Tenga and Iroha in the USA!”

 Based in California, Tenga USA will better serve retailers of the Tenga and Iroha brands. Designed by women for women, Iroha is the first brand for women to come from Tenga, which was originally known for its range of male pleasure items. Iroha aims to “normalize masturbation as a healthy act that all women can enjoy, as a part of self-care similar to maintaining a balanced diet and active lifestyle.”

For more information, visit Tenga-Global.com