ExoClick CEO Benjamin Fonzé Profiled in BBC Interview

ExoClick CEO Benjamin Fonzé Profiled in BBC Interview

BARCELONA — ExoClick CEO and founder Benjamin Fonzé has been interviewed in an article by the BBC, for its Spanish-language website BBC.com/mundo.

The article, entitled “ExoClick, the company that made more than $100 million with customers that Google did not want,” explains how the company managed to grow its global business by focusing on niches that Google, the dominant online advertising market player, did not want to participate in — including online gambling and adult entertainment.

In the interview, Fonzé also talks about how he initially started the company on his own, 10 years ago, by building an ad network platform that his webmaster friends could use to monetize their websites, and also explains how the company has grown organically since then, without outside investment.

The article also quotes Matthias Gelbmann, director of software consultancy Q-Success, who states that among web pages that end with the .xxx domain, Fonzé’s firm has a market share of 72.5 percent, while Google, which supports some ads of this type but with very specific limits, falls into the eighth position for websites on this top-level domain.

The article can be found here, with an English translation here.