JayJay Jackpot Now on SnapCentro

JayJay Jackpot Now on SnapCentro

LOS ANGELES — SnapCentro.com has welcomed mainstream mover JayJay Jackpot to its platform, helping the personality push her brand with monetization tools and tips.

According to the company, fans who haven’t checked what’s trending on YouTube lately may wonder who JayJay Jackpot is, this petite blonde powerhouse from Germany is garnering hundreds of thousands of views with the continuous string of viral videos she publishes that show her describing situations in a very comical way.

JayJay’s updates are all entirely SFW, defying a misconception that SnapChat or SnapCentro are adult-centric when in fact both platforms continue to attract many top non-porn influencers in media today.

“On all of my social media accounts I get overwhelmed by so many fan messages, so it was impossible for me to reply directly to each fan the way I want,” said JayJay. “That’s why I’ve decided to create my own exclusive SnapChat using the SnapCentro tool set.”

JayJay says she’s now finally able to respond 100 percent of the time to all of her fans personally, thanks to SnapCentro.

“The biggest advantage is that my fans and I can have long chat conversations that are a lot more interesting and intimate than a one-way video view,” she adds, “and that gives my fans a much better way to get to know the real JayJay.”

SnapCentro’s Stan D’Aman explains that what matters to the company is that a performer has a sense of what he or she wants to do with their own brand online.

“We help performers reach their audience by giving them all the behind the scenes support and tools necessary to cash in on their brand while leaving all of the creative authority over their brands up to them completely,” D’Aman said. “JayJay is doing a great job building her audience, we make it easy for her to monetize that effort with payment processing, promotion and resource management tools that make her entire operation much more efficient and easier to expand.”

The SnapCentro platform was built from the ground up with models in mind, making things simpler, faster and better than native SnapChat services.

“Now, as JayJay Jackpot can tell you, it takes only a few minutes to become a SnapChat sensation,” D’Aman concludes, “and all of the work needed behind the scenes can be done for you by the professional team of social media experts at SnapCentro.com.”

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