Icon Male Streets 'Forgive Me Father 5'

Icon Male Streets 'Forgive Me Father 5'
MONTREAL  Icon Male and Mile High Media have announced the release of “Forgive Me Father 5."

Directed by Nica Noelle, “Forgive Me Father 5” features Michael Del Ray, Justin Dean, Roman Todd, Armond Rizzo and Brenden Cage. To view box art and product information, click here.

“This Icon Male series really pushes boundaries, and fans love that about it,” said Mile High Media vice president Jon Blitt. “Nica Noelle has often incorporated religious themes in her adult movies for Mile High, but ‘Forgive Me Father’ goes even further and certainly doesn’t shy away from controversy.”
In “Forgive Me Father 5,” Todd is a sinister priest who cannot resist his male parishioners. After seducing troubled street kid Rizzo, the priest develops an insatiable need for vulnerable male flesh. When older married man Cage confesses his secret desire for other men, Roman agrees to provide some "one on one" counseling that leaves the desperate bottom begging for more. Meanwhile, young priests Del Ray and Dean indulge in secret, mutual masturbation that leads to "intense, passionate sex." Whether or not Father Roman will use their scandalous secret to his own lustful benefit, is a mystery that will unfold.
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