Penthouse Debuts 'CyberCutie' Feature With Chaturbate's Eliza Jane

Penthouse Debuts 'CyberCutie' Feature With Chaturbate's Eliza Jane

LOS ANGELES — The May issue of Penthouse magazine debuts a new monthly “CyberCutie” pictorial with the inaugural profile featuring Chaturbate’s popular blonde bombshell, live cam model Eliza Jane.

Penthouse’s CyberCutie feature will introduce magazine readers to top women from the cam world with intimate, up-close, and personal profiles, such as that of Jane, who is featured in a four-page layout by photographer Ben Hoffman, entitled, “Not So Innocent.” The all-natural, doe-eyed blonde chats with Penthouse, lending insight into how performing live for thousands of people has become as natural for her as breathing.

Jane says she was addicted after her first time camming.

“It was my first time naked in public, and I just watched the room count go from the hundreds into the thousands,” Jane explains. “It was overwhelming to think of all those people watching me.”

Chaturbate’s Chief of Operations Shirley Lara says live cams “have opened up a very unique form of interaction between the fans and the performers.”

“Today, fans can get to know their favorite models on a much more intimate basis than adult entertainment has offered in the past,” Lara says. “Chaturbate performers are considered friends by their fans, and Penthouse is expanding on this dynamic with its CyberCutie feature layouts.”

For her part, Penthouse Global Media CEO Kelly Holland notes that women working in the cam business are “the ultimate entrepreneurs.”

“They are a beautiful, diverse group, and they represent the kind of women our readers [want] to get to know,” Holland says, adding, “We are excited to launch this new series.”

Eliza Jane’s CyberCutie layout can be seen at or in the magazine’s May issue, available on newsstands.

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