ClickCastX Introduces 'Stop the Freeloaders' Modules

ClickCastX Introduces 'Stop the Freeloaders' Modules

LOS ANGELES — ClickCastX, provider of the ClickCastX Content Management Solution, today announced the completion of its “Stop the Freeloaders” modules, which will stop users from going to any site running the ClickCastX platform and simply watching endless free preview content.

“Users love to go to adult membership, live cam and video on demand sites and see how much free content they can consume," said Claude Lai, CEO of ClickCastX. "Our new modules will prevent them from ‘camping out’ on your site to watch endless free trailers or download free partial photosets or even watch live cams endlessly."

ClickCastX points out that adult sites have struggled between showing previews of their content and giving away too much content to get users to join or pay for content, since the very beginning. That is why ClickCastX set out to design the "best way to protect sites from freeloaders, while also getting good SEO." 

Cookie and IP-based protection that limits each type of content is now available. Companies can protect photo content and limit how many times a user can view it within a given period of time before they are sent to a join or payment page. The module is designed to protect trailers and limit how many seconds each trailer can be played. This number is then “reduced” down until the user is forced to sign up or pay for content.

Live cam models can also be protected, by showing “free previews” using the same method where users are limited to a certain amount of time to view content and that time can be reduced automatically. Users can also be blocked and forced to join if their IP or browser detects them going to too many pages too quickly, which ClickCastX points out is "great for those users who try to use web extracting software."

ClickCastX is offered as a complete turnkey platform and is described as being "cheaper than purchasing some dedicated server plans." For more information, visit or contact