Revamps Paysite Discount Program Revamps Paysite Discount Program

LOS ANGELES — A resurgence in interest in premium adult paysites is sparking increased interest in discounts for paysite access — an interest that is pursuing with its newly enhanced website.

According to the company, has been a prime seller of exclusive porn discounts, “specializing in bringing the porn community the best and cheapest deals available.”

“We’ve put all our focus towards constantly improving ourselves and the way we interact with our user base,” explains a company spokesperson. “That means giving the average porn enthusiast everything he could possibly need at one place; from personalized website reviews and previews to ratings!” recently took a leap forward in achieving this goal by completing a visual and performance overhaul intended to bolster its brand.

“We’re talking a brand new page layout, complete with plenty of features to feast your eyes upon at any given point in time,” the spokesperson said, inviting site visitors to take part in the process of creating something new and original. “Feel free to simply browse through the site, and do let us know what you think of all the changes we made.”

As part of its revamp, is also introducing both network and subsite reviews.

“This gives the user a chance to see what a deal is all about before buying it. After all, it’s monumental for us to deliver all the facts, as well as some personal impressions with each review,” the spokesperson added. “We aim to accomplish this by using a brand new site structure, which clearly distinguishes things [such as] single offer deals from networks. Last but not least, everything above is complemented with new and stunning visuals, as well as more sample content for a user to enjoy.”

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