Evil Angel, BAM Visions Release 'Fill Me Up'

Evil Angel, BAM Visions Release 'Fill Me Up'

LOS ANGELES — Evil Angel and BAM Visions have announced the release of “Fill Me Up,” which is available on April 24 via DVD and VOD.

Directed by Maestro Claudio and Mick Blue, "Fill Me Up" stars Christiana Cinn, Gina Valentina, Kasey Warner, Kimmy Granger and Blue.

“The ultimate goal of ‘Fill Me Up’ is to make the viewer fantasize about a fictitious reality in which a multitude of ejaculations occur on or inside the girls’ bodies,” explained Claudio. He added that the eye-catching, pearly lubricant “simulates the emission of human sperm and offers an extremely realistic depiction of what the real visual effect of such an action would be on the female body, further enhancing the strong, intrinsic emotional impact of the sexual intercourse.”

The new video was created because the creamy lube inspires artistic and creative opportunities, according to Blue. “It is very visual," he said. "And it’s perverted to, at the same time, have the girl spunked on and filled up with the cum-looking lube. As a director, I love to shoot what turns me on and love to share it with the viewers. BAM Visions stands for taking viewers on a journey, and in ‘Fill Me Up,’ they will be unloading imaginary loads inside the girls or on them.

"Christiana Cinn, dressed as a black angel, was the biggest surprise, with her tremendous sexual energy," Blue added. "It was the first time working with her, and she took me on a ride. Gina Valentina and Kimmy Granger were definitely the messiest scenes in the movie, and Kasey Warner was excellent."