SnapCentro Partners With Pornhub to Boost Performer Exposure

SnapCentro Partners With Pornhub to Boost Performer Exposure

LOS ANGELES — SnapCentro has announced its partnership with Pornhub on a program to bring new fans to performers focused on self-promotion through social media.

According to Andrea Fioriniello of SnapCentro, the service is done automatically behind the scenes, with minimal effort from models, and is off to a blazing start, with performers adding their own profiles to the SnapCentro network.

“All they need to do to drastically increase their fan exposure is to link to their Pornhub profile by simply adding it under ‘My Links’ after logging into SnapCentro,” Fioriniello explains. “In addition, what we have now arranged are links to SnapCentro from Pornhub for each model who has a Pornhub user profile.”

Fioriniello says this is as easy as adding this link on the Pornhub side, logging into a Porhhub account, finding the “My account” dropdown menu and selecting “Settings.” Find and click on the plus sign next to “Personal Information,” and you’re almost done.

“Finally, enter your SnapCentro username into the field ‘SnapCentro Username’ and click ‘Submit,’” Fioriniello concludes, exclaiming, “That’s all! In just a few seconds of your time, you can take advantage of an epic opportunity to get access to millions of potential fans!”

This joint effort by Pornhub and SnapCentro is designed to drive greater visibility for performers who are ambitious enough to create free profiles on both platforms, making it a good move for models seeking to grow their audience while elevating revenue.

“This is one of those deals that just makes so much sense all around,” said Corey Price of “The fans get better access, the models get more visibility, both platforms benefit and everyone wins in the end”

“Working with the ModelCentro team has always been a snap,” Price adds, “and their new SnapCentro product is yet another innovative way for our fans to connect with their favorite fantasy starlets.”

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