Katja Krasavice Partners With SnapCentro

Katja Krasavice Partners With SnapCentro

LOS ANGELES — SnapCentro.com has announced its partnership with German influencer Katja Krasavice.

According to SnapCentro, Krasavice enjoys a massive fanbase of nearly a million follows on Instagram, 820,000 subscribers on YouTube, 500,000 fans on YouNow, a rapidly growing Twitter following and a larger than life personality to match, who takes advantage of all the internet has to offer when it comes to pushing her brand.

She recently pushed her brand a little too hard for the folks at SnapChat, which objected to her private content being publically posted. Now enter the much more liberal SnapCentro 

“SnapCentro is a service that can accommodate virtually any kind of content,” says SnapCentro’s Stan D’Aman. “Obviously it’s already helping performers on ModelCentro expand their own revenue streams, but it goes far beyond that.”

“Katja is a major German influencer,” D’Aman  adds, “and her content is all in the SFW category, but our services are equally applicable and we are happy to be helping her reach the SnapChat audience by using our platform as a portal.”

D’Aman says the key to SnapCentro is that it includes a simple, flexible and intuitive set of social media tools designed to help anyone connect with SnapChat fans as frequently as they like, helping performers control their online persona.

“Whether you are a huge star in Germany like Katja Krasavice, a brand new cam performer in Colombia, a model in Los Angeles or anyone else seeking to expand your audience in a way that is easy to monetize, SnapCentro is here to help,” D’Aman concludes, exclaiming, “It’s your personality, your pictures and your ability to entertain that count… with SnapCentro all the rest is automatic. Just ask Katja!”

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