Q&A: Mystical Vixen Keisha Grey Transcends All Limits

Q&A: Mystical Vixen Keisha Grey Transcends All Limits

LOS ANGELES — All-natural, yet supernatural… girl-next-door, yet glamorous... Keisha Grey transcends definition.

The moment she crystallizes in a chrysalis, flashing swallowtail hues, she emerges a predatory falcon. You see, Grey is a tried-and-true trickster, not for the sake of coyote coyness, but because her very soul is a cunning chameleon.

Straddling a twilight realm bent at seductive angles, she sweats holy waters, their shimmering rivulets sliding from velvet skin in a steamy cloud. Her adorably toothy grin and feminine guile beckons wanderers to a magic carpet ride. And once they lift aside the veil of musky lingerie, an exotic plunge into sexual Elysium awaits.

Grey has such an oceanic allure, the afterimage of her fucking will forever haunt any who surrender themselves to so feverish a starlet. Not even the blind are safe from her unique charms, for that mellifluous voice is a life-giving elixir, aurally healing wounds deeper than she swallows orally.

Scarred happily ever after with the memory of her touch, stitches aglow in ghostly gossamer etching, admirers will cut their hearts anew with hungering envy, if only to have need of the Grey lady once more. And to them, she will attend most gently… or most roughly, as their appetites demand… with more to offer by way of redemptive romancing than the sluttiest nuns of hallowed covens.

Downcast, her eyes incite pride in powerful figures, yet the coming conquest is as like to slay the barbarian as the fox herself. For in the silence ‘cross the void, she reminds the fallen that beauty yet dwells in this forsaken realm, that among all these broken shamblers and twisted mimics, there are beings of majesty to lift them on high… beings only half-glimpsed by those without the second sight… for when eyes of eldritch knowing are fully opened, one such as Grey emanates a starlit infinity.

With motley mirth and ribald reverence, the 2017 XBIZ Female Performer of the Year nominee reclined on a leathery divan, displaying her talent for splaying in this exclusive interview. Delight in her roguish magnificence, mortal readers, for rarely are words so wise as serpents. Attend the sermon thusly, delivered from this lectern of lust, for scarcely do scriptures unspool from so luminous a pedigree, in such prophetic parlance.

XBIZ: How did you first become involved in the adult industry?

Keisha Grey: I was born and raised in Tampa, Florida. I got into the industry in 2013 when I was 19 years old. I quit my jobs — I had two jobs. I worked at a pizza parlor and as a barista at a coffee place. I randomly just quit, because I got a message on Facebook that my agents wanted me to start in the industry. So, I decided I’d do it. I flew to L.A. and started shooting porn. I’ve actually gone back to shoot in Miami twice, but I don’t really want to shoot down there. However, I do want to start making an excuse to visit my family out there. I’m super close to my family.

XBIZ: Who was influential in getting you on the right track early on?

Grey: Definitely Greg Lansky started me off right. Early on, he was shooting for Reality Kings back in the day. Mason was also very influential for me. She made me push my limits a lot, and I tried things I usually would have never considered trying. So, she’s definitely helped my sexuality blossom to what it is today.

XBIZ: Mason did a showcase on you when you were relatively fresh. Tell us about that.

Grey: It was pretty nerve-wracking! I used to get really nervous before my shoots, because it was so new to me. Like I said, I was still exploring my sexuality too. So, with that, I had my first boy/boy/girl, my first blowbang… a bunch of firsts. It was amazing working with her, because getting to work with her at all is amazing… but, getting to have all those firsts with such an amazing director, who wants so much for you to have the best experience, is amazing. Did I mention it was all so “amazing” yet? Haha.

XBIZ: When did your career really start taking off?

Grey: I would say when I started working out more. I don’t know, around the time I started doing DPs and gangbangs? I think that my fans can see how much I enjoy getting taken like that, so it goes into my performance. That’s when I really started to get noticed, the DPs.

XBIZ: So, tell me about Motley Models. What’s it like working with them?

Grey: Motley Models rescued me from my shitty agents that I started with. When I first got into the industry, my agents took advantage of me by taking my money. I’m like, why aren’t my checks coming to me? And they would be like, ‘Oh yeah, they’re payroll! They’re payroll!’ And then they would never show up. So, obviously, I voiced my concerns to Motley and they took me under their wing. They started representing me a lot better than those other guys. They never tried to get me to do privates, like those skeezeballs. Motley’s amazing. They represent me very well.

XBIZ: The masterminds at Motley are working on an app for adult stars, right? Tell us about that.

Grey: They’ve been working on this app called Pulse, where you can find my most explicit nudes and videos. It’s basically where the fans pay to unlock pictures, and anything that won’t be posted on Instagram or Twitter. It’s XXX shit. You go on the app, and you can find all my dirty things there.

XBIZ: What kind of things, exactly, can fans find on Pulse from you?

Grey: Like, if I wake up in the morning and I want to fuck myself, they can find that video on Pulse. I used to post explicit things for free on Snapchat, but now that my agents created this app… other girls, like Blair Williams, are on it too.

XBIZ: With the support of your agency and the career momentum from doing DPs, you’ve had a killer couple of years, gracing numerous Greg Lansky titles in the process. Tell us about your involvement with his Blacked, Tushy and Vixen studios.

Grey: I would say all of it began when they launched Blacked. I was the first girl ever for Blacked. They launched the site with my scene, and that was my first IR too. Which is weird, because I always wondered why I wasn’t shooting with black guys. I didn’t know I had to specifically tell my agents that I wanted to shoot with them! But when I shot my first IR, I’d say that started it all. So, every time he has launched a new site — first Blacked, then Tushy and now Vixen — he’s always booked me. I really fucking love shooting with Greg. He always has a vision. And he almost personalizes how he’s going to see the girl in the photos, who he wants to see her with. He pairs them perfectly. He puts so much work into his product. You know, like he says: “It’s art!”

XBIZ: Have you noticed any differences in the way he shoots for each brand?

Grey: Yeah, definitely. I think that Vixen has branched out from Tushy and Blacked, because it’s more mainstream. It’s also more edgy than Tushy and Blacked. No matter the brand, though, he does everything to make sure we’re comfortable. He always has the best snacks on set. He gets us hummus that’s really delicious, and I always want to eat it all. And these gummies that are so good, and they’re covered in sugar. Like, little gummy cubes. They’re so tasty. So, besides the snacks, he always has anything and everything that you could possibly need before your scene. Very considerate to what you need for temperature too. Like, if it’s hot and you’re shooting outside, he has a fan for you. If you’re cold, there’s a heater. And someone’s always standing there with a blanket for you. He’s very on top of his shit, and he knows anything that a girl wants… he’ll make it happen.

XBIZ: How has he upped your game performance-wise?

Grey: It’s kind of weird, but Greg has helped my self-esteem a lot, because he’ll shoot me and I look at the product, and I’m just like so shocked at how beautiful it all turns out. And then, he barely puts any makeup on us. I always feel very pretty when I shoot for him. It just feels so natural. I always feel really sexy when I’m on his sets.

XBIZ: What was it like winning Vixen Angel of the Month?

Grey: It was so crazy! It was really cool, because my agents told me that I had something really big planned that Saturday. I got a call sheet and it said Greg Lansky, and I was like: “What’s so special about it?! I like to know details, damn it! Give me details! What do I bring?!” And then, Greg texted me and told me “Shhh! Don’t tell anybody, but I have a big surprise for you.” So, of course, I’m like “Oh my god! What am I gonna get?!” So, I get to set and of course, I’m the next Vixen Angel. I’m getting my makeup done, how I really like — with black smoky eyes — and Greg doesn’t usually do that for shoots. I love it. So, that was different. Then, I got to put on my little Vixen bra and panties set, while Greg put the whole thing live on Instagram.

XBIZ: Tell us about your Vixen Angel photoshoot. Did you have any input? 

Grey: Greg took me downtown. And first we were in this alley, which was really cold ‘cause it was windy as fuck. Then, we went to the top of this building with the skyline. It was really cold and I was in my knickers. Once the sun went down we started shooting the second segment, which was on top of the building. And that was really, really fun. ‘Cause I was wearing the same thing, but he kept changing it up with the yellow glasses and the gloves. He basically had that vision and I just got to experience that. Which was super cool, because I felt like a badass. It was just my size, ‘cause I’m kind of little.

XBIZ: Overall, what’s your favorite shoot that you’ve done with him?

Grey: I think my favorite shoot was probably my very first Blacked shoot, because that opened up a whole other world — Greg Lansky made me a “size queen.”

XBIZ: Haha. I remember during “The Greg Lansky Dinner” on Instagram — with you, Angela White, Carter Cruise and Kendra Sunderland — they were giving you a hard time for being a size queen, when Lansky asked about the ideal dick size.

Grey: First of all, I was shocked at how many people were watching! I mean, it definitely helps when there are girls to promote what’s going down, so their fans go and tune in. Angela White, I know, has a huge fucking following. She’s a genius. That helped a lot. Greg took us to this amazing restaurant, and we ate a lot of good food and drank peach martinis and talked about big dicks. He asked us some crazy, weird questions. They were ripping on me for liking dicks that are 8 inches or bigger! I was, like, you did this to me! I’m all about the big dicks, what do you mean? They’re like “7 inches!” and I’m like “bigger than that, the bigger the better!” That’s another reason my very first shoot for Blacked was my favorite, because of the outcome. But also, I really… really am in love with DP. I shot this Tushy scene with Mick Blue and Steve Holmes, where I got DPed and had the best orgasms ever. ‘Cause DP is the best.

XBIZ: Lansky said something interesting during the dinner… and I’m seeing it here before my very eyes with your powerful energy — he said one of his favorite things about you is how spiritual and deep you are.

Grey: I was raised believing in energy. My mom’s definitely into higher power stuff… not necessarily god. I definitely feed off of people’s energy, which is a blessing and a curse, because sometimes I soak up shit that I don’t need to. So, lately, I’ve been surrounding myself with really good people, who want good for me and themselves.

XBIZ: Speaking of deeper meaning, talk about your tattoos and jewelry. What motivated/influenced your choice in these designs?

Grey: My necklace and earrings are just Givenchy, they don’t mean anything, haha. My tattoos, though, definitely all mean something. So, the bass clef on my finger is because I slap the bass, and because I played the cello. I’ve been playing bass and cello since I was 11. There’s a pot leaf because I like to get high. Wu-Tang, because cash rules everything around me — nah, ‘cause Wu-Tang Clan ain’t nothing to fuck with. This one over here says, “Nothing is going to change my world,” meaning… basically, what I talked about — soaking up other people’s energy. Like, nothing is going to change how I’m feeling. That’s your shit. It is a song lyric, but it means something to me.

This here is a mantra for meditation, “Om mani padme hum.” If you wanted a loose translation, it would be “praise the jewel in the lotus flower.” And then, I have Florida tattooed on my ankle, ‘cause I’m a Florida bitch. Flo-grown! Then, I have “Be here now” on my foot — it’s a book that I based my whole existence on when I was younger. It’s from Ram Dass. This yin-yang symbol is my best friend’s tattoo. We both have one. Then, I also have Gemini here.

XBIZ: Gemini, huh? You’re definitely trouble!

Grey: Yeah, I’m fucking crazy! Oh, and also the symbol tattooed on top of it is a Led Zeppelin thing. It means confidence and competence. Confidence is something that I used to lack, but it’s definitely grown with me as I’ve been in the industry.

XBIZ: How do you spend your leisure time?

Grey: I could watch cartoons for the rest of my life. I’m obsessed. I really like “Superjail!” as well as “Rick and Morty,” “Chowder,” “Adventure Time,” “SpongeBob SquarePants” and “Scooby-Doo.” Oh! And “South Park!” Is that a cartoon? I feel like it’s construction paper. Also, “Archer” and “The Ren & Stimpy Show.” Oh my god, love it. “Cow & Chicken” too! “Parasyte” is my all-time favorite anime. It’s like a gore sci-fi type of anime. This little parasite jumps into this teenager’s hand and completely takes over his hand and it grows an eye and has a mind of its own. The parasite was supposed to attack the brain, but it missed. Really cool. Also, “Attack on Titan” is really good.

XBIZ: Given your bubbly, cartoon-loving personality, tell us about your approach to social media. How do you keep your fans engaged?

Grey: I try to post pictures of what I’m doing. I try to post nudes, but that’s probably going to slow down with the Pulse app introduction, where people can’t steal my pictures and make catfish accounts, because that really pisses me off. I make sure to retweet all my scenes when they come out, try and promote that. I try and keep my fans in the loop, let them know where I’m appearing or featuring.

XBIZ: What social media platforms are you on and how do you use each one differently?

Grey: I’m on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. I got deleted from Periscope, because I got reported. I would use it whenever I was feature dancing — while I’m getting ready, I’d have my fans help me pick out an outfit. I usually use Snapchat when I’m on set, if it’s allowed, so my fans can keep up with my behind-the-scenes throughout the day. Twitter is basically news — like, if you want to find out stuff about me. Instagram is more personal. I post selfies, or if I go home to visit, I’ll post pictures of that.

XBIZ: What are your main sources of revenue?

Grey: Shooting and feature dancing. I just realized how much money I actually make when I feature dance, and it’s quite a bit.

XBIZ: With such a killer 2016 in the rearview mirror, what are you hoping to accomplish in 2017?

Grey: I definitely have been feature dancing a lot. It’s kind of a new thing, since I’ve only been doing it for a year, dancing a handful of times. Now, I want to continue spreading my name. I found that it helps me get a bigger following and people watch more of my movies. I definitely like to meet fans, too, so I want to continue going to conventions. I just want to be the best performer that I can be. I’m definitely going to go hard, and try my hardest. Be as professional as I can be.

XBIZ: Anyone that you haven’t shot with that you would like to?

Grey: I shot with Burning Angel for the first time recently. And it was really, really chill. I had a really good time and my makeup was super cool. Joanna Angel is amazing, and so is Small Hands. I would love to work with them some more. Basically, anyone that I haven’t gotten to shoot with yet.

XBIZ: Who are your friends in the biz, if you had to name a social circle?

Grey: I hang out with Blair Williams and my cat, named Fritz. And Ricky Johnson. I keep my circle pretty small nowadays, ‘cause I’ve been so fucking busy. This year has been so good to me.

XBIZ: What are your long-term goals beyond this year?

Grey: Basically, I want to perform until I don’t enjoy it anymore, or I can’t because I’ve gotten too saggy or something. When that time rolls around, I want to do something with animals. Maybe like, animal rehabilitation. Which is shit pay, but hopefully I’ll be fine by then so I won’t even care about money. I would really love to direct and produce. I have a lot of good ideas in this noggin’. So, I’d like to show people what I got in that area. It’s gonna be a really, really good year for me, though. I can already feel it. So, stay tuned for some super dirty fuckin’ hot fuckin’ movies!

Featured image courtesy of Greg Lansky / Vixen.com.