Lovehoney, VisitBath Team Up to Launch 'Virility'

Lovehoney, VisitBath Team Up to Launch 'Virility'

BATH, England — VisitBath has teamed up with Lovehoney to launch a new limited edition warming lube, Virility, containing the Bath thermal mineral water straight from the source that runs beneath the city.

According to the company, it is the first time that the water have been used in combination with a lubricant. The water contains more than 43 different minerals, and dates back to 863 B.C., when it was first discovered for its healing and health giving properties.

The product has taken more than 18 months to develop and infuse the thermal water into a base lubricant, the company said.

David James, chief executive of VisitBath says, "We are delighted to be working in partnership with award-winning local business Lovehoney to launch this limited edition product. One of our commercial objectives is to work more closely with local businesses, and to be able to tap into the therapeutic properties of the mineral waters of Bath with such a product is a fabulous way of making use of the water — if a little 'risqué,’ shall we say! It is thought that the waters can help with skin conditions, joint and muscle problems, heart and circulatory illnesses as well as fertility."

Virility is a luxury water-based formula containing a subtle fig and honey fragrance — inspired by the Roman's love of figs and honey, the company says. The lube promises to enhance intimate play and sexual pleasure. The product will naturally warm up once in contact with the skin for overall pleasure.