RealityLovers Shares E.U. VR Stats

RealityLovers Shares E.U. VR Stats

LONDON — has announced its latest insights into the European market for virtual reality porn.

According to the site’s stats, Italians use VR porn more than any other European country, accounting for 12 percent of all users. Germany comes in second at 10 percent, while France takes third place with nine percent.

Next up are Poland and Spain, each with eight percent; Belgium at seven percent; Portugal and the U.K. tied at six percent; Austria at five percent; and Slovakia at four percent, with the remaining European nations accounting for 25 percent of VR porn usage.

As for European preferences in VR devices, RealityLovers reports that 32 percent of its users prefer the Samsung Gear VR platform, while 28 percent enjoy their virtual sex using the in-house glasses provided by RealityLovers. Google Cardboard is used by 12 percent of visitors, while Oculus Rift accounts for eight percent, with the remaining 20 percent attributed to other VR devices.

RealityLovers’ founder René Pour says that by using VR glasses, anyone can be a porn star.

“Users are immerging into erotic movies and rejoice in experiencing the action from a point of view of an actor,” Pour explains. “To make the movie feel realistic and breathtaking as possible, RealityLovers emphasizes the best visual aesthetic, sensuousness and purpose of modern technology.”

“With our videos, we don’t only reach men,” Pour adds. “We have also VR porn for women.”

RealityLovers offers 180-degree HD VR videos through membership and single billing plans.

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